Anti-Semitism + Christian = Self-Deceived

If the title offends you, I suggest passing on this article. Further, might I suggest visiting the plethora of sugary peddlers of deception. I have worked on this article for over a week as I had to calm down from listening to the sheer horse puckey peddled by John Torrel. The interview is nothing but lies, a loathing for Jews that is both Satanically inspired and empowered. Sheila Zilinsky is one who loves to complain about other Christians who call false teachers to task and — the horror! — name names. That is nothing more than a blatant intimidation tactic which has been very effective in deceiving fellow Christians into shying away fearing there is some truth that it is displeasing to God.

Jesus Christ is the foundation and cornerstone of Christianity and is our example and He was brutally honest when interacting with the Pharisees and Sadducees, of whom He said: 1) beware their doctrine of leaven (Mark 8:15, 12:38; Luke 20:46, 2) you are of your father the devil (John 8:44), 3) seek converts make them twice the son of hell (Matthew 23:15) whited sepulchers (Matthew 23:37), 4) hypocrites, 5) laying aside the commands of God holding to traditions of men (Mark 7:9) … .. making the word of God of none effect (Mark 7:13), 6) ye serpents, generation of vipers (Matthew 23:32). Further, Jesus accused them of slaughtering the prophets laying to their account all the righteous slain starting with Abel and the money changers were crystal clear as to the Lord’s cellar opinion of them. Many Christians lack the courage of their convictions, ours is not a wishy-washy, keep your fingers crossed while clicking your heels three times golly hope-it-is-true-religion! No, Christ is that Way, that Truth and that Life (John 14:6). That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:10).

Sheila Zilinsky has a YT video entitled, “Explosive!!! Who Is Jared Kuschner & Should Christians Be Concerned?,” with pastor John Torell who is anti-Semitic despite repeated denials, his own words belie the claim. Zilinsky claims the motivation for this episode was receiving many emails from listeners expressing concern over Kuschner. Two different spirits exist in this world no matter the title of a man or woman including pastor. Hatred, bigotry and racism characterize the enemy and his children (John 8:44). Prior to this article, I was unfamiliar with Torell suffice to say he’s a peach one that’s rotten on the vine.

We’ve all encountered these snakes of one stripe or another, who engage in demeaning, hateful rhetoric toward a group of people, but given the horrific history of anti-Semitism it is inexcusable. Torell and an alarming number of YouTube videos peddle this brand of anti-Semitism consisting of baseless charges reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Torell’s brand differs only in that rather than Jewish plan for global domination he believes there is a Jewish plan for bringing the anti-Christ onto the world stage. (Go ahead, read it again.) Torell believes and promotes the idea that Jewish members of the Trump administration are laboring to bring about the anti-Christ!

I have listened to the entire video and had intended to transcribe it fully, but changed course as it seemed better to share a few. If so motivated and of a strong constitution, head over to YT and listen. At the start of the video, unflattering pics are intentionally chosen as a visual backdrop as Torell makes outrageous claims about Jews. Like all propagandists, broad generalizations, false argumentation, fear tactics, and inaccurate historical claims are made.

“I’m gonna be talkin’ about the Jews tonight, and we’re gonna be talkin’ about Jews in the Trump administration. Someone might be thinking, Well, why are we talking about Jews and why are Jews important? Are you anti-Semitic or do you not like Jews? And the answer to this is, We have an anti-Christ system that is coming up here. It has been being worked on for many years. (Proceeds to quote Rev. 13:15) What we have here is simply this, the Bible had predicted there will be an anti-Christ, a world leader and a world federation. The question now is who are the people that are bringing the anti-Christ to the scene? And the answer is, this will be Jews that are gonna do that.

Yeah, I know, I know you’re thinking what exegetical prowess. (It’s painful, he continues…)

And the reason for that is, is that at the time of Christ, they rejected Jesus as the messiah. For the past 2,000 years, Kabbalistic Jews have been working to bring forth their messiah. In the Synagogue today they are still talking about how they are waiting for their messiah. The bottom line is this, the anti-Christ is going to be Jewish. Jewish people are going to be in leadership, Kabbalistic leadership. Most Jewish people are not part of this as it’s an upper echelon leadership, probably 10% of Jewish population are working on this. But, they got the power, they got the money, and they got the clout.” We found out there are 11 Jews in the Trump administration, and the most prominent of these is Jared Kuschner and David Friedman.

All other world religions reject the Lord Jesus Christ, so it requires a herculean leap in logic to conclude that since the Jews yet await Messiah they alone are the reason the anti-Christ will come. Could not have anything to do with the fact that it is prophesied by Almighty God, nah. Followers of Shia Islam await the Thirteenth Imam, and Sunnis await Mahdi, but Torrel does not accuse them of being singly responsible for ushering in the anti-Christ. 

Just to be clear, the American Foreign Service has a total of one hundred and eighty-eight members serving as Ambassadors to other nations, and the Ambassador to Israel is David Friedman. Jared Kuschner holds a MBA is head of Office of American Innovation, a new department president Trump established. Fail to see what has Torell so hysterical. During the election president Trump repeatedly promised to unwind the vast black widow’s web of unfair trade monopolies by foreign nations, so it is perfectly understandable why he appointed one who holds an MBA to the new position. Historically, presidents choose their cabinet members based on qualification not genetic heritage.

Now I want to begin to talk about Jared Kuschner and who he is. Kuschner’s father was convicted in the ninety’s for tax evasion and wire fraud. The man who prosecuted him was Rudy Guilianni who was a federal prosecutor at that time in New York, and it is interesting that, during the campaign, Rudy was one of the first one to sign up for Trump and was very prominent (indiscernable); and, everybody thought Rudy Gulianni would get a prominent position in the administration, but he was kicked out because Jared Kuschner simply said this, That man put my dad in prison, and I want him out and he punished him for that.

Wow. Outlandish, slandering someone for the sins of a parent. Illogical. Torell claims knowledge of a conversation between Kuschner and President Trump. False witness? He provides no references, you decide. 

The Kuschner family are, usually, bribing. Now Kuschner he went to school, he went to Harvard college and, in order to get in there, his father put in a two million donation. Then in 2007 he went to New York University to earn an MBA degree, and his father put in three million dollars donation. Jared is not that bright. It is no doubt in my mind that Jared is guided by Satan. […]

And he started dating Ivanka, Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, and Ivanka’s a Christian. She was a Christian, and the family’s Presbyterian. He talked to Ivanka, and talked her into renouncing Christianity. So, in a ceremony, in a synagogue ceremony, after Ivanka had gone through classes, in Judaism with the Rabbi’s in an official service she stood up and she simply said,  “I renounce Jesus Christ. I renounce Christianity. I no longer believe in the New Testament, I no longer believe in Jesus, I reject him. It’s a myth, and I am now embracing Judaism.” This is how Jared was able to get into the Trump family. (He quotes John 4:2-3) That person now has the spirit of anti-Christ, and the spirit of anti-Christ is in all Jewish people because all of them have said we do not believe that the son of Mary, Jesus, is the Messiah, we reject him.

Countless millions reject the Lord Jesus Christ and are in the devil’s camp, on this scripture is quite clear. The last really is ridiculous, Catholics require the intended to turn their back on religious practice and embrace their interpretation. Doubtless Islam, Hindu and Buddhist prefer the same. This practice is not unique to Judaism.

So, I told about the conversion of Ivanka Trump to show you how powerful people are that are Jewish, and that in order to get their way they would seduce a person to give up their Christian faith and embrace Judaism, which is a dead religion. This is how Jared was able to get in close to Trump because Ivanka is his favorite daughter. She’s his oldest daughter, and she’s a confidante of her father, and her father listens to her intently. She has a tremendous influence on Donald Trump, and with Jared now married, she brought him in, and now Jared Kuschner has a tremendous influence upon Donald Trump.

Offensive on so many levels. Ivanka is an intelligent, articulate, beautiful, poised and accomplished woman; but, to hear Torell she’s incapable of making her own choice in matters of whom to marry. Young love is passionate, and I’m quite certain Jared did not have to “talk her into” anything. President Donald Trump is a successful, internationally recognized financial mogul who was a champion to my entire generation; thus, it is unlikely either Ivanka, Jared or anyone else leads him about by the nose. 

What does Jared want, what are his plans. Basically, what is he after he’s trying to do what people that are simply talking to him for the Jewish community from the Zionists it has to do with Israel and promote Israel. Simply push down the Palestinians and encourage Israel to be able to have the West Bank and to get a military help, and so on, and to build it up. So, Jared is a full runner. He’s simply a facilitator for the Jewish Zionist leadership to try and bring in as much as possible under Trump. […] Without her conversion to Judaism, Jared Kuschner will not be working in the Trump administration.

Again with the ignorance which highlight these are Torell’s personal views without any research. During his hateful diatribe, pictures of Chasidic Jewish families intended, in my opinion, to stress his views. Only one problem, Chasidic Jews are against Zionism. “The Talmud, based on several Bible verses, discusses what’s called the “shalosh shevuos” (three oaths). The part that’s relevant to our discussion is that one of these says that we agree not to try and take back the land of Israel, in exchange for which the nations of the world will not oppress us unduly harshly. Based on this, the position of some Chasidic sects is that there should be no Jewish state until moshiach comes.”1

Let me talk about the next guy, David Friedman. Friedman is a bankruptcy expert and attorney, was tapped as a U.S. ambassador to Israel a statement by Trump’s transition team in December. […] His family hosted Ronald Reagan for Shabbat lunch in 1984 the year he won reelection, he lives in New York a largely Jewish area of five towns. Freeman has expected support for, and funded construction in, Judea and Samaria and has expressed doubts about the future of a two-state solution, traditionally a pillar of bipartisan U.S. policy in the region. Now, Friedman is a heavy player in the Zionist movement.

As if only Jewish people host presidents and share meals with them that reflect their culture. 

What Israel has done is simply this, they took the land which we call the West Bank, which is a land the Palestinians has (he seems to have difficulty with grammar, particularly appropriate use of tenses) as they are living on we have the West Bank and we have the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip was given up by Israel because it cost them too much to hold it, there was too many problems to hold it, but they’re holding the West Bank. And they want that because it’s a prime land so what Netanyahu has done and prior to him other prime ministers they have simply built settlements. And here’s how that works. Let’s say you live some place in the United States you have some property and suddenly you get a letter saying we need your property. We’re gonna build low income housing on you say you’re not interested in selling your property. They do eminent domain which simply means they go to court and say we need this for the country. So, you go to court and you’re kicked off and then they come in they raze everything you have and start building low income housing on it; of course, you’d be hopping mad if that happened. Well, this is what they do in the West Bank. They simply select property. There might be vendors on it. There might be villagers on it. There might be all kinda things. Palestinians have lived for a thousand, actually, for two thousand years. The Jewish state comes in we need the land for a settlement, so they send in the military they get the Palestinians off the property. They bulldoze and destroy the orchards or whatever they have. Then they build high rise buildings maybe 10-15 stories high. These are big complexes and so now they got Jews coming in and settling in the West Bank. The policy behind this, is simply that if they can get enough settlements in the West Bank, then the West Bank can never be a Palestinian state now as too many Jews live here. They will either become Israeli-Arabs or get out, we kick them out. (More demonizing of Israel and favorable mention of Obama, Bush, and Clinton for attempting to force two-state solution)

Is this guy serious?! First, it was George W. Bush that forced Israel to give up “land for peace,” and they acquiesced and uprooted Jews from their homes in Gaza. The result? Increased terror attacks. It is a fact of history that Jews, Christians, and Arabs lived in the area Britain ruled not just Arabs. Moreover, Arabs live in Israel and serve in her government, and even the Arab terrorists that kill Israelis are treated in their hospitals, despite knowing upon recuperation he will return to terrorist acts. Journalists have interviewed Arabs who consistently stated that they would not leave Israel even if they had the opportunity because they have many more freedoms and are safer in Israel. Israel has bulldozed neighborhoods attempting to meet insane demands placed upon it by other nations deluded that Arab terrorists calling themselves Palestinians desire peace. One would think all the underground tunnels would cause people who do not live in Israel to get a grip, but that’s truly wishful thinking as the hatred toward Jewish people has its source in the pit of hell.

In 1948 the Israeli War of Independence resulted from being attacked by surrounding Arab nations sought to “drive the Jews into the Red Sea.” Later in 1964 a Soviet disinformation campaign created the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO),2 wherein the term is found in the Preamble of the PLO Charter. In 1973 Yassar Arafat repeatedly used the term Palestinians when seeking to justify his terrorist acts. A portion of the PLO Charter encapsulates the Arab viewpoint toward the Jewish people, and clearly reveals they are the terrorist, land-grabbing lawbreakers. 

Article 18: The Balfour Declaration, the Palestine Mandate System, and all that has been based on them are considered null and void. The claims of historic and spiritual ties between Jews and Palestine are not in agreement with the facts of history or with the true basis of sound statehood. Judaism, because it is a divine religion, is not a nationality with independent existence. Furthermore, the Jews are not one people with an independent personality because they are citizens to their states.3

Article 9: Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. This is the overall strategy, not merely a tactical phase. The Palestinian Arab people assert their absolute determination and firm resolution to continue their armed struggle and to work for an armed popular revolution for the liberation of their country and their return to it. They also assert their right to normal life in Palestine and to exercise their right to self-determination and sovereignty over it.

Article 10: Commando action constitutes the nucleus of the Palestinian popular liberation war. This requires its escalation, comprehensiveness, and the mobilization of all the Palestinian popular and educational efforts and their organization and involvement in the armed Palestinian revolution. It also requires the achieving of unity for the national (watani) struggle among the different groupings of the Palestinian people, and between the Palestinian people and the Arab masses, so as to secure the continuation of the resolution, its escalation and victory.4

Note the language as the PLO describes how they will, and have historically, interact with Israel. A website that posts an article from the National Review Online is full of accurate information as to how the non-existent Palestinian people group came into being mentioning how the Kremlin was involved in propaganizing the West as detailed by a Soviet bloc defector, Major General Ion Mihai Pacepa whose credibility was affirmed by former CIA director James Woolsey. “In the mid-1970s we also started showering the Islamic world with an Arabic translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a tsarist Russian forgery that had been used by Hitler as the foundation for his anti-Semitic philosophy. We also disseminated a KGB-fabricated “documentary” paper in Arabic alleging that Israel and its main supporter, the United States, were Zionist countries dedicated to converting the Islamic world into a Jewish colony.” 

Quite the contrast from Torell’s propaganda.

Freidman simply rejects a two-state solution, he says we don’t believe in it. We don’t believe in a Palestinian state. So, Freidman is a very strong Zionist, and he is going to lay the foundation for the coming anti-Christ system that needs a strong Israel. (Torell proceeds to name the remaining nine members of Trump’s administration that are Jewish.) …

Carl Icahn who is working on regulatory reform, and again we have another person very strongly connected to Israel the policies of Israel and the Zionists. He mentions banking houses of Goldman Sachs, Morgan, and others (he doesn’t name), but almost all the banking houses in New York are Jewish owned and operated. I’m not saying this because I’m anti-Semitic. I’m not saying this because I don’t like Jews. I don’t hate Jews, Jews are just like regular people and I’d like to see them saved.

In order for you to understand what I’m saying today is this – we have an anti-Christ system the Bible talks about in Revelation 13 and the anti-Christ system is a Jewish system, and this is why Jews that are into banking, that are into Hollywood, and to the different entertainment industries. Many of them are Kabbalistic Jews, and they believe in the holy serpent and they’re trying to bring the messiah back. So, what we’ve got to understand is this, these Jewish people are working to bring up their messiah. It is a political, religious movement and it is under the surface, but it is slowly getting closer and closer to the surface until they can reveal the man they have.

Torell mentions that Obama (17), G. W. Bush (16), Bill Clinton (15) and G. H. W. Bush had Jewish citizens on their cabinets as well. I’m quite sure they have people of other religious persuasion and a majority of them not batting for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I voted for Trump, and I worked hard to get him elected. So, what am I trying to say to you in this particular program? It has been spoken up that we have Jews, particularly we’re talking about Jared Kuschner, but there are ten more Jews working in the administration. The concern that I have is that these Jews will put the concerns of Israel first, they will put Zionism first. They will be working, they will have people working on the outside that are part of the world government asking them to sway Donald Trump to do this, or to do that, to further the build up the world government and to prepare the way.

Now Donald Trump is America first and the world government was furious when he was elected because he simply said, I am not a globalist. I am America first. These eleven Jewish men that I spoke about are globalist. They believe in a one world government and a one world federation. I do not know how much Donald Trump knows. I do know this, he’s well aware of this Zionist movement, and every president had to deal with a Jewish lobby.

The fact that Torell has a deliverance ministry which according of a former member of his church, and the link is included below.

For “ex” RLJ members and all other interested Christians

On the wall of the stairway of my residence there hangs eight framed documents; my Bachelor of Science degree (with honors recognition), my Master’s degree, two collegiate academic awards, certificates from two collegiate honor societies, a certificate from “Perspectives on the World-Wide Christian Movement, and finally, a certification as deacon from Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. They will soon be joined by a diploma from MSBI, the Malcolm Smith Bible Institute, which I have attended for the past four years.

Now, I did not say the previous for egotistical reasons but merely to familiarize you with my credentials. I study God’s Word on a daily basis and have done so for the past 35 years. I also study it in the original languages. I’ve given my life to the study of God’s word, especially what often appears to be contradictions, and it’s that study that brought me to RLJ and that study that eventually led me away.

The following blog is a testimony to the fallacies of the false doctrines of John S. Torell. It is meant to answer the questions of those who came to RLJ in faith, but left in disillusion. RLJ is a revolving-door church, where many have come, but where just as many have left with promises unfulfilled.

I served at RLJ for eight uninterrupted years, as Sunday school superintendent and teacher, as Wednesday night Bible study teacher, as assistant pastor, as deliverance team leader, as secretary of the board of directors, and as a deacon, a position that I resisted but which John Torell insisted that I accept.

Not once in my eight years did I ever see a single miracle! I did see, however, many abhorrent things once I was brought into the inner-circle, and I witnessed the hypocritical behavior of John Torell and his staff behind closed doors.

Finally, his system of “deliverance” has NO biblical foundation, and in fact, brings those who subject themselves to it into more bondage than when they came. There are many instances of corruption when it comes to “deliverance,” and this post will be followed by many examples, but I’ll add one here for starters.

When performing a “deliverance,” the subject is required to write a personal biography detailing specific acts of sin. Supposedly this is to identify the types of demons that posses/oppress the subject. This personal document is handed over to the deliverance team leader, copies are made and handed out to the team members who are strictly forbidden to share the document with anyone else. Mine were always kept in a locked briefcase. However, a woman who still attends RLJ posed as a prophetess supposedly prophesying over those who were going through or who had gone through deliverance. It turned out that she was reading the bios that her husband irresponsibly left on top of his desk! When I confronted them, it turned out that he was also sharing with her things that had been discussed with him in private. This man is an elder and neither he nor his wife were ever disciplined for what they did and they both continue to hold leadership positions to this day!

That is just one of many examples of corruption and false teaching that will follow. But for now, my advice to you is to flee from RLJ, flee from John S. Torell, and don’t ever subject yourself to RLJ’s deliverance!5

There are pastors who teach God promises health and that if one has less than optimal health it is due either to lack of faith or sin. What of children that die of cancer? People who are born blind like Fanny Crosby? Paul suffered. In this life we suffer, that is biblical. For people to teach that it is due to a lack of faith that God has not healed is wrong and does not own the reality that our world is fallen and ill health is but one consequence. 

Final Thoughts

We understand that God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts as our His ways higher (see Isaiah 55:8-9). God equips us to deal with painful seasons, and for some of us that means facing life in a wheelchair. Others live with depression. We have a blessed hope that this life is short and eternity is waiting where suffering ceases and no more tears are shed! 

Scripture is clear the Jews temporarily have scales over their eyes blinding them to the truth that Messiah has already come. God will bring them back unto Himself and open their eyes, ears and hearts to acknowledge their grave error in rejecting Him at the first advent and surrender and acceptance of Him as Messiah and Savior. In Genesis 3 the story of mankind took a horrible turn due to our first parents choosing sin unbroken fellowship with God, and have been choosing sin ever since. For this reason Jesus came as Savior the first time and is returning as Judge, and all of mankind will have chosen life or death, heaven or hell, eternity with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost or the eternal lake of fire. There is not one particular people group that has cornered the market on the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ, and it is a grave sin to assist the devil in his hatred toward the Jewish people. John Torell, shame on you!



5 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism + Christian = Self-Deceived

  1. “…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

    It is immature to blame all jews for the actions of those claiming to be jew. We should consider that many are fake and even satanic. Yes I believe Israel has many of these fakes in very high political and religious leadership, and they will accept the antichrist. The true jews as a whole will reject him, and turn to Christ during the tribulation.


  2. Wish you would be more objective about Israel, Torell may be phony but not because he believes the antichrist will be Jewish or accepted by the Jewish people. My pastor’s wife believes this and she is not antisemitic. She thinks the Jews would never accept a nonJew as their Messiah. I don’t think they have to accept the antichrist as their Messiah because they already fulfilled Jesus saying they would accept another messiah many times in the past. They will have 2 witnesses and 144,000 preaching the truth. And it is true that many Jews are globalists working for the Luciferians in Hollywood and banking and Torell did point out they are only a minority of Jews, maybe 10%. I also do not trust Kurshner as I understand he is a Kabbalist and he certainly is a liberal along with his wife.


    1. MW,

      Welcome to EZC. Origin of Protocols is czarist Serge Nilus forgery of 19th century French political satire, and prof. Norman Cohn’s Warrant For Genocide conceived the lie of Jewish global domination. Stalin, Hitler two men who believed it and persecuted and slaughtered Jews, both incapable of discerning the inherant lunacy that a people group scattered around the world by God would rise up and ‘take over the world’. For 60 years the fraudulence of Protocols has been renounced by professors, prominent historians, etc. The bible provides the area from which the A/C arises (Dan 8:20-23), for he rises out of the 4th Rome (West – RCC; East – Orthodox) which unlike other kingdoms was never annihilated. Jesus prophesied the Jews will accept the coming literal A/C, and He tells us how to identify the A/C – when he sits in the temple (2 Thes 2:3). The Jews will realize mistake, be granted repentance due to crying out (Zech 12:10-12); yet, only 1/3 of the nation saved. Hollywood – Top 50 filmmakers only 8 are Jewish, far more Italian and German.

      I agree Kabbalah is occult as are Masonry, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, Catholic system, witchcraft, Illuminati. Neither Ivanka nor Jared were elected, President Trump is our president, and he admits evolving from liberal to conservative worldview. Since the garden, most of mankind reject Jesus Christ and few are going to heaven. Our world has all the characteristics prophesied of the last days, and we must proclaim the gospel to all lost irregardless of descendancy.



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