Unite Right Rally Charlottesville Virgina 3 Cars Plows Through Crowd

People fly into the air as a vehicle drives into a group of protesters demonstrating against a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. The nationalists were holding the rally to protest plans by the city of Charlottesville to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. There were several hundred protesters marching in a long line when the car drove into a group of them. (Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress via AP)¹


Controlled Opposition

Racists drove to my state to express their hatred for what appears to be yet another Soros-funded situation. Why were several major media outlets conveniently present? Antifa career protesters are in attendance and according to a reporter many faces have recognized as having been at Austin and other locations engaging in controlled opposition riots.

Paid agitators, members of Antifa, attempted to instigate numerous fights by drawing members of Unite The Right to a particular location in the street and then physically attacking, punching and kicking them. These career rioters operating since 2016 election season apparently have meetings to arrange these skirmishes, however, this repeatedly failed as the assaulted people do not remain.

These Antifa people are getting away with assault and battery which is a crime. They need to be arrested en mass for throwing balloons filled with urine, feces, paint, mace and tear gas. Why are the Charlotte PD in attendance? How is it Antifa members are not in handcuffs?!

Charlottesville Mayor Is A Hypocrite

Despite instructing police to be observers, the town’s mayor told the media, “I’m heartbroken that a life has been lost here.”

The police stood around witnessing Antifa being repeatedly violent. Attacking journalists and cameramen. They were throwing projectiles filled with urine and gel that causes eyes to burn, spitting at passersby and hosing them with pepper spray, being foul-mouthed, yet police did not tell them to cease or arrest them.

When police intervened, they used bullhorn to shout, “This has been declared an unlawful assembly.” Just a few moments prior, a reporter asked an officer how she and her cameraman could leave, and the policewoman responded, “The way you came.” Completely unconcerned about the dangerous situation, and the fact that victims to exit the same way as the Antifa nut jobs.

Police in riot gear walked toward choking attendees harmed by Antifa and were forcefully crowd-pushing everyone through the same exit route.

Three Vehicles Plow Through Crowd – Killing 1 and Injuring 19 [Updated, 8/15/17]*

This happened after Governor Terry McAuliffe declared statewide emergency. More than one vehicle intentionally drove through crowd with one actually backing up to increase speed and plow through people.

The BLM and Antifa groups are paid for their sub-human behavior. It is past time for mass arrests, hefty sentences and forced civics classes to school them that such behavior is illegal.

Join me in praying for the injured. 

Similar stand down orders to PD:

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