Gideon in the Last Days

Another thought provoking article by John Little.

Gideon in the Last Days

The Bible offers up quite a few examples of people who faced some of the same challenges that we will soon face, as these Last Days accelerate. Men and women throughout the Bible were tested in their resolve to believe God and obey Him. And, the Bible records these successes – in enough detail to draw strength from their example.

One of those examples is Gideon (pronounced in Hebrew: GEED-ohn). He was a nobody, with faith in God. That made him a ‘somebody’ in God’s eyes, an enough of a ‘somebody’ to be used by God to demonstrate the power of God.

My hope is that we will take these examples to heart, as we gaze into a terrifying future.

Gideon in the Last Days

I was getting my teeth drilled on Thursday, and it also happened to be the day that my reading plan had reached the story of Gideon. I’m not a real fan of having my teeth drilled, so maybe it was good to have that story to think about, when my dentist sat me down in the chair and started grinding away.

I briefly wondered if I could clear out his waiting room, if I screamed with enough hysteria, but I decided to forego the experiment. This dentist is a pretty good guy, even if he can barely put two words of English together in an intelligible way.

The Faith Of Gideon

But, this Gideon guy… Now, THERE was a man of faith!

People focus on his ‘dew on the fleece’ request of God, but very few actually understand why he did that.

Why did Gideon ask God to make the fleece wet and the ground dry, followed by the reverse?

Because he wanted to make sure that he was actually talking to God, and not to a demon. Very few, these days, seem to understand that demons can talk to us, can try to push us this way, or that. If you receive what appears to be a prophetic dream… and it doesn’t come to pass …you weren’t hearing from God.

I don’t want to go further into a discussion of dreams and visions, except to point out that Gideon was careful to make sure that he was hearing from God. His goal was faithfulness, and he knew that he could trust ANYTHING that God told him to do.

In Gideon’s mind, if God said it, that settled it.

Is that your mindset?

Is this how you think?

Gideon faced certain defeat at the hands of Israel’s enemies. In earthly terms, he had no help and no hope, yet God told him to fight, anyway. In these Last Days, you also will face moments when you have no help and no hope, aside from God.

Will you respond like Gideon?

The Command Of Jesus

Luke 21 records only part of the Olivet Discourse. To get all of it, read Matthew 24 and Mark 13. When you put all three of those together, a picture of absolute horror is revealed. Anything that causes “Men’s hearts failing them for fear” is NOT something that you want to go through. Yet, Jesus ends this terrifying discourse with the key for getting through it:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

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