Egyptian Copts – Praying

The slaughter of brothers and sisters in Christ for far too many years has maintained a frenzied pace with much of the world silent; however, for whatever reason, several government representatives in the region have offered condolensce and fewer still condemnation. The saint in me longs to believe God Almighty is transplanting stone hearts with one of flesh, however, my flesh screams far too little way too late.

At times like this I am profoundly aware of the inner battle raging between the spirit and the flesh. The war between the principalities is also clearly on display, and it is comforting to understand that God Almighty subdues, though all of the spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm be gathered, with but a Word spoken by Him all evil must submit.

Egypt Coptic Dead Again – IS Two-tiered Attack

IS claimed responsibility for bombing of two churches, Alexandria and Nile Delta Tanta, observing palm sunday murdering forty-eight souls.

A map showing Tanta and Alexandria in Egypt.

A map showing Tanta and Alexandria in Egypt.

At least 18 people were killed and 40 were wounded by a blast in front of a Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt on Palm Sunday, according to local reports, hours after at least 30 people were killed by a blast in the Nile Delta city of Tanta.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for both attacks, via its Amaq press agency. “A group that belongs to Islamic State carried out the two attacks on the churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria,” Amaq said.¹

A timeline of recent attacks on Egypt’s Christians

CAIRO (AP) — Sunday’s bombings of two Coptic churches in separate cities claimed by the Islamic State group are the latest attacks on Egypt’s embattled Christian minority, increasingly targeted by IS and affiliated militants.

The Copts have long been a favored target of extremists — they were struck with a similar church bombing just weeks before the country’s 2011 Arab Spring uprising, and Islamic militants gave them a particular focus during a crackdown on them in the 1990s — but the past five months been particularly bloody.

U.S.-based think tank the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy said the attacks brought the total number of sectarian incidents against Copts to 26 in 2017, with a total of 88 killed including those at a major church bombing in December.

Following are major attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians over the past year:

April 9:

Twin bombings, at least one by a suicide bomber, hit churches in the coastal city of Alexandria and the Nile Delta city of Tanta. At least 43 people were killed and scores of worshippers injured on the Palm Sunday attack, which narrowly missed a ceremony presided over by Pope Tawadros II in Alexandria’s St. Mark’s cathedral.


Hundreds of Egyptian Christians flee their homes in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, fearing attacks by Islamic State militants. The group’s North Sinai affiliate had killed at least seven Coptic Christians in the restive peninsula in less than a month.

The Islamic State group affiliate in Egypt releases a video vowing to step up attacks against the Christian minority, describing them as their “favorite prey.” It showcased a December attack on the church adjacent to Cairo’s Saint Mark’s Cathedral, which claimed the lives of 30 worshippers.²

[The AP details attacks dating back to May 2016, good on the AP for highlighting the long-standing genocide based on religious faith.]*

Egypt Christians flee Sinai as sixth of their kin killed

After a spate of killings by suspected militants have spread fears among the Coptic community in Egypt, hundreds of Christians have decided to flee from the area for fear of being targeted next. At least six Christians have been brutally murdered in the last month and no group has claimed responsibility.
EL-ARISH, Egypt – Suspected Islamic militants gunned down a Coptic Christian man and stabbed his daughter to death inside his home in northern Sinai, the sixth such killing in a month’s time in the restive region, officials and a Christian priest said Friday, prompting hundreds of Christians to flee from the area for fear of being targeted next.

The militants stormed the home of Kamel Youssef, a plumber, on Thursday and shot him to death in front of his wife and children in the town of el-Arish, said two officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters.

Militants then kidnapped and stabbed his daughter before dumping her body near a police station, a priest in the city said. It wasn’t immediately possible to confirm his account.³





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