First, my prayers and thoughts are with all the victims of the demonic cult of Mohammad. May all those in London be comforted by knowing millions are praying for them. While the world seems to be losing it’s collective mind and inventing words like “xenophobic” when anyone of sane mind can clearly see those who engage in Islamist terrorist acts are a danger to all humanity. Any so-called leaders or others devoid of the intellectual fortitude to call the subhumans a blight on civilized society should seek other employment. All people of the world need to stand up and tell those in government we will no longer tolerate dictating the importation of followers of the Islamist death cult.

Second, the thing with ‘fear’ it only works on those without eyes to see precisely who you murderers serve, whose you are, and where you will spend all of eternity – in hell along with the infidel, pedophilic, murderous, liar Mohammad and Satan.

For you see, the two are one in the same. Ask yourself, why is it that the Qu’ran makes no sense unless perhaps to a three year old. Why is it that only Mohammad tells people to murder, enslave, rape, disembowel, marry children, stone women for adultery by polygamous “men”, bury alive, crucify; behead teenagers on a dock until the ocean runs red with their blood. Slaughter entire villages by razing them to the ground?

His name is Satan, the devil and he it is who is your ‘lord’ and ‘master’. How is a defeated, lying, fallen angel commanding everything you do? Heeding anything contained in a book from a plagerist who claims on the one hand to hate Jews and Christians; yet, copies much of the Bible and then copies other ancient texts to create the Qu’ran.

One last thought for members of the blood cult of Islam. Why is your ‘god’ so insecure requiring you bow five times daily, and demanding you repeatedly tell it how great it is? Something to think about, no?

Americans refuse to bow down to the bloodlust of such barbarians that cannibalize their fellow man. There is a judgement day coming and it will bring down hellfire. As a child of God, I will watch each of you receive glorified bodies that will last for eternity, only to bow your knee and confess Jesus Christ as Lord to then be cast into hell where Mohammad awaits, and all who refused to acknowledge they were sinners in need of a Savior.  Moslem do not be filled with terror; rather, become elated over the future that awaits you – no hope, no love, nothing but utter torment – suffering with Satan, all fallen angels, the anti-Christ, and every other human being that ever drew breath and imagined him/herself to be ‘like god’. Also, know that every Christian born again in the Lord Jesus Christ received their reward with Him and reside presently with their God in heaven.

There is but one God: I AM THAT I AM – and no it is not Mohammad.

Praise be to the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Glory, honor, power, and praise be unto Him forever and forever. Amen.



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