Oroville – Pray

The travesty, not to mention scandal, is that California’s governor Jerry Brown, and other leaders in that state, were warned twelve years ago the dam was at risk of failing and needed extensive repairs. Brown does not govern, for one who privileged to have been elected governor is charged with the care of the governed.

Californians must consider replacing him now.

Brown defies President Trump’s demand that sanctuary cities be dismantled, and has publicly made derogatory comments about president Trump. In these time of economic hardship, perhaps our fellow citizens that live in California should know. Those states which continue to harbor illegals are violating the law, and should be held financially accountable for any disability or death resulting from one of their sanctuary cities. These so-called Sanctuary cities place strain on taxpayers by draining all the resources available to help those in need. This is unacceptable.

Sanctuary cities:

  1. Bell Gardens
  2. Berkeley
  3. City of Industry
  4. City of Commerce
  5. Coachella
  6. Concord
  7. Costa Mesa
  8. Cypress
  9. Davis
  10. Diamond Bar
  11. Downey
  12. Fresno
  13. Lakewood
  14. Long Beach
  15. Losa Angeles
  16. Lynwood
  17. Maywood
  18. Montebello
  19. National City
  20. Norwalk
  21. Oakland
  22. Paramont
  23. Pico Rivera
  24. Salinas
  25. San Bernadino
  26. San Diego
  27. San Francisco
  28. San Jose
  29. Santa Ana
  30. Santa Cruz
  31. Sonoma
  32. South Gate
  33. Vernon
  34. Watson
  35. Wilmington¹

Sanctuary cities are safe zones for those that are here illegally that engage in violent crime – rape, B&E, DUI (multiple, in some cases) assault, robbery – and citizens of California must unite against this scourge and demand these safe zones be closed and those within be deported. Can any of us forget the illegal who, despite being deported five times, returned and committed murder. He told authorities that he was trying to get to a sanctuary city as those residing there do not get deported.

Oroville Dam


Stork said he had seen this coming way back in October of 2005 when Friends of the River, along with the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League, filed a motion with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as part of Oroville Dam’s re-licensing process.
In the motion, they argued that the Oroville Dam — which was completed in 1968 and owned by the state of California — did not meet modern safety standards.
They stressed in the motion that the auxiliary spillway was designed to work with a replacement dam that was never built. Without that new dam, the Oroville Dam’s auxiliary spillway was designed to be used in in a controlled, infrequent way and not in an emergency capacity, they said.²
Another article …

What’s Governor Jerry Brown doing?

The same thing he’s been doing for decades — obstructing progress.  California has been so busy defying President Donald Trump in order to protect illegal aliens from deportation that it forgot to do the things government is supposed to do, like maintain infrastructure. Governor Brown is now going hat-in-hand to beg the Trump administration for emergency funds.

According to Breitbart News sources, the Trump administration is already closely monitoring the situation, and has dispatched personnel and made contingency plans to aid California in the event of a catastrophic dam failure.

But it’s during the seven dry years — the extended drought — that the state should have fixed its water infrastructure, like dams and canals. Brown and his merry band of Democrats had different priorities, like high-speed rail, benefits for illegal aliens, and unsustainable pensions.

The reality is that Sacramento was warned over and over again.  Just a few years back, environmentalists raised concerns that an earthquake could degrade the massive earthen rockfill dam. Sacramento just chose to ignore those concerns — and to spend the money on other priorities.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, it was “(t)hree environmental groups — the Friends of the River, the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League — [who] filed a motion with the federal government on Oct. 17, 2005, as part of Oroville Dam’s relicensing process, urging federal officials to require that the dam’s emergency spillway be armored with concrete, rather than remain as an earthen hillside.”

It’s ironic that the same environmentalists who have opposed every new dam project were the ones who raised the alarm.

Countless proposals have been floated over the past two decades to fund infrastructure out of the general fund, and prioritize critically needed upgrades to dams, roads and bridges. But Sacramento spends a pittance out of it’s $180 billion budget on infrastructure, and most of that is earmarked for the abysmal roads and a crumbling intrastate highway system.

Instead, California’s Democrat-dominated leadership depend on bonds to bail them out.³

This demonstrates a criminal disregard for the lives of Californians. Potentially, a million people will be displaced and, God willing, none killed when the dam breaks loose. It is disturbing how little regard for life and property Brown in that no one wants to see California farming industry further destroyed by this as they have not recovered farming due to phoney-baloney District of Criminals rerouted water to protect two inch smelt thereby forcing farmers out of business rendering them unable to irrigate their farms.

Brown is pleading for federal aide to the tune of $100-$200 million. Rather than deal with infrastructure, Brown chose to ignore the threat of catastrophic failure of the Oroville Dam.

There are a series of rain storms fixing to hammer California, and ask for your prayer. Many of us, including myself, have family and dear friends living in that area.


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