The Lord Jesus Christ IS Returning, Take Heart!

To all suffering this day, never forget the promises that God the Father gave by providing God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ – the perfect, spotless lamb without stain – sacrifice at Calvary – in which He paid for every sin committed against Heaven’s Throne by every child of God that repents and believes unto salvation. He goes further than promising us eternal life – God the Father has sent us the Holy Spirit to indwell us and we are never truly to alone. Hallelujah!

To all the families in Belgium and any here in the states impacted by today’s disgusting, barbaric terrorist attack, please know there is a Righteous Holy Judge and He IS coming back as Judge of those that are against Him. They shall not prevail, saints of God shall overcome! Those that have gone on before us that are hidden in the Veil of our Precious Savior are now part of the great cloud of witnesses and await our reunion and will never shed another tear.

Through times of grief, worship has been a source of great inner peace and strength, and it is my prayer that this song brings a calm to the storm that is raging as the Prince of Peace holds you through this time firmly in His Hand and no man can remove you.



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