Terrorist Strike Airport, Praying for Brussels!

Today, at 7:12 A.M. EST,  I was sitting down to a cup of coffee and breakfast at that moment my husband turned on the television, rarely done, to discover the 28 innocent citizens and/or travelers slaughtered by a terrorists. Three locations impacted: Brussels Airport, Malbeek Metro Station (It is being reported 12 died here.)

Brussels attack: Latest updates

  • Two explosions hit Brussels airport — one a suspected suicide bomber
  • At least 13 people killed, 35 injured
  • Maelbeek metro station closed also hill, killing 15 and injuring 55
  • Prime Minister Charles Michel appeals for calm solidarity
  • The blasts come days after capture of Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the (TERRORIST)  attack in the Paris attacks in November

** EZC added the word terrorist that does not appear in the BBC source**

Live Reporting

By Joel Gunter and Alex Therrien

Francois Hollande: All of Europe hit by Brussels attacks

The French President tweeted: “I express my complete solidarity with the Belgian people. Through the attacks on Brussels, it is Europe as a whole that has been hit.”

Belgian terror attacks were ‘highly coordinated’ – analyst

BBC Monitoring

The Brussels attacks bear the hallmark of the Islamic State (IS) militant group, according to Belgian jihadist analyst Pieter Van Ostaeyen.

He told Belgium’s Het Nieuwsblad newspaper he was surprised by the nature of the operation: “I had expected that something would happen but not on this scale. This is really highly coordinated,” he said.

Mr Van Ostaeyen said the attacks were most likely a response to the counter-terror operation in Brussels last week and that they were probably “pulled together at very short notice”.

One-minute World News

Two explosions hit Brussels, one at the capital of Belgium, Brussels, soon after 8 A.M. local time in the departure area of the airport. It was followed, an hour or so later, on the Metro close to the EU buildings.”

Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news updated 24 hours a day. [EZC: Only one sentence outtake video linked below, please watch.]



2 thoughts on “Terrorist Strike Airport, Praying for Brussels!

  1. I guess the thing for Europe to do is to keep on importing vast numbers of Muslims, always treat them with the utmost deference, always apologize to them for being Europeans, and hope they’ll be nice from now on. –Angela Merkel


    1. Well, Angela Merkel needs to experience some terrorism for upon her own and her views will change. Although that is unlikely as these “elite” perceive themselves to be above the commoners.



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