One Person, One Vote – Speak – Why Protest?

Civility is all but gone in America today, and it has been engineered by all constructs of government, “Fed Education” (unconstitutional), Runaway printing of Monopoly so-called currency, media, eh-hem “entertainment,” all a psy-op. All of it.

Having come of age in the 1980s, I have only had the privilege of listening to recordings of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. both gentlemen eloquent of speech, courageously looking directly in the eye of evil that was encroaching upon society in their day. Regarding the latter, unlike other self-appointed individuals that have attempted to take the baton in regards to unifying Darwinian-imposed racial divides which has only exponentially  increased racial issues. Martin Luther King, Jr. like no other in recent history elucidated the America he knew could be realized and spoke of God, edification of those who felt their ability to pursue the success and future they envision. The caveat then and now is nothing is accomplished through divisiveness due to the beautiful palette utilized by God in creating mankind.

One last point before addressing what I hope to convey. The fact is I do not see color. I was not reared in an area of the country where it would be tolerated, not merely because it is morally repugnant, but my hometown was comprised of immigrants. I am third generation  Irish, my friends came from all over the world and our school and church reflected this. My great nana arrived dirt poor and she and her husband worked their fingers to the bone to rear honorable, elder and authority respecting, responsible and productive children who have done the same. Permitting oneself to be indoctrinated and pulled around by the nose much like oxen unequal in weight never ceases to boggle my mind. My beloved husband was born in Brooklyn of German-Italian immigrants who hit these shores penniless as well. The difference between the populace of their day, and even ours, is people understood that nothing is guaranteed in this life except death, and there are no free lunches. Individuals were measured by their character, and a handshake was the equivalent of a contract; thus, our nation was less litigious or perhaps this was my unique experience. Although I worked my way through a higher education, despite bunking with peers whose parents were not blue color workers, I neither viewed them with envy nor considered myself beneath their station, we all shared determination to achieve whatever our talent and ability would allow.

Today we have individuals who feed upon despondency, economic challenge of unemployment or under-employment like parasitical insects to their own financial gain and evil pleasure. Why would people choose the repeatedly failed model of Saul Alinksy, Weather Underground, Karl Marx and George Soros? Aside from being illegal, inciting riots, hatred, and threatening a person’s life history demonstrates these paths lead to dead ends of want, havoc and emptiness. Much like ticks, men like Soros come in quietly and fan the flames of those who have been encouraged their entire lives to believe in the false dichotomy of ‘us vs. them’. Soros, and others like him, care nothing for anyone recruited, for they serve the devil and only want to profit off of using young people who would benefit far more from engaging in the discussion and believing that anything is  possible even if it takes a decade or more to achieve as was the case in my life. There is a maturity and confidence that result from working to attain goals.

Challenge and Implement Change

If there arise issues in America, thankfully, citizens have the Constitutional right to redress of grievances due to a man named George Mason, “Father of the Bill of Rights;” specifically, Amendment 1:¹

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

the last sentence is vividly plain in that citizens can petition the government to answer for and rectify unjust, overreaching, invasive, including the violation of any inalienable and God-given right trampled upon or dismissed.

This is how issues are addressed in a nation of laws. We can hold peaceful demonstrations, write, email, call, start petitions, and be relentless until our voices are heard. However, resulting to violence as witnessed recently in Chicago is never warranted. At that moment, Mr. Trump was presidential and demonstrated care and concern for fellow citizens rather than wringing his hands over potential loss of delegates. Such benevolence has long been absent in our capital, and millions have taken notice, understanding how crucial a character quality this is for any fellow citizen seeking public office and most assuredly a candidate aspiring to the highest office in America.

George Soros Change Agents

We can all remember the Occupy Wall Street/One-Percent movement (OWS), not a proud moment. Disgracefully, many young people committed crimes of indecency by urinating/defecating in public,² disrupting the ability of businesses to engage in commerce by illegally occupying (squatters), smashing windows, harassing patrons from exercising their right to freely conduct bank transactions, choose which stores to patron all to no lasting impact. This is anarchy and criminal given risk to innocent citizens, mostly comprised of the ninety-nine percent at least as initially promoted by MSM, who suffered financial loss without even tallying the tens of thousands of dollars spent for first responders. Every movement likes a slogan, how about “think before you act?”

Why engage in criminal activity when the First Amendment provides legal, effective, and beneficial means of protesting legally where, at least there is a chance at impacting society positively by errors of government being remedied.

While reflecting on OWS it occurred that Mr. Soros’ open society foundation was rearing its ugly, chaos-funding — Ferguson and Canada³ — for purposes of stirring up fake “protests.” Soros has blood on his hands and is truly a despicable individual who made his wealth picking, literally, it off of Hitler’s victims although being Jewish himself. (Well done expose on Soros, including one million student march for which actor/protestors are being trained as discussed in the video below.)


May I implore people young and old to read the founding documents, particularly focusing on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence from a tyrannical, overreaching imperialist empire, the Bill of Rights, and The Federalist Papers for purposes of improving understanding how a Constitutional Republic grants the power to the people.

Black Lives Matter

While attempting to be perceived as a civil rights movement, epic fail. Recently, at least two members of this racist organization have threatened to kill Donald J. Trump. The first originated from an individual’s Twitter account, see, and. (Google will turn up many results.) The second link led to the individual immediately joining the unemployment line.

All Lives Matter

America had always been referred to as a melding pot because she offered legal immigration to the world’s downtrodden. The thought being if you want to have a better life, come to America and enjoy the liberty afforded her citizens who had plenty of work.  Immigrants passed through the now-defunct Ellis Island and were required to swear allegiance to the United States of America, and many families took that invitation.

Unemployment is high and perhaps people have too much time on their hands; but, more than likely the motivator is financial as well as attaining attention by the media which, save for Rodney King, has not been called to cover a major riot in over three decades.

This country has endured anarchists that needlessly cut short far too many lives. God willing we will not see a repeat performance which will only increase the wealth of those many within these movements claim leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

In closing, I’d like to remind everyone of the privilege we have to vote that women fought long and hard to attain equal standing. Read Psalm 23, and then Think Before You Act – Have we as a nation learned nothing from the 2001 election debacle?!!! American citizens should once again walk the halls of Congress and sit in the people’s house without indebtedness to a lobbyist driving his/her work on behalf of their fellows citizens. They are our equals not our superiors.



2 thoughts on “One Person, One Vote – Speak – Why Protest?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I’m very surprised, however, that you characterize the ’80s as a time when the country was very different from what it is now…I came of age in the ’60s, and think of the ’80s as a decade of increasing lawlessness and corruption. Just depends on your perspective, I guess.
    FYI–I came to Christ in 1976, and found I no longer had much interest in popular music, TV, or entertainment. So I just quit watching/listening. I’ve been deprogrammed, for all intents and purposes! Just so you know where I’m coming from. Also, my wife and I spent a number of years overseas, some of the time in places that make customs and immigration look askance at our passports. We have an outsider’s viewpoint on our society and culture, to some extent. Blessings to you.


    1. Guess we tend to view our own generations differently, but I remember being able to attain a job without any problem. In my day if employment was lost, you had precisely two weeks of unemployment then it was cut off. I never applied for unemployment, merely went and pursued employment typically landing a new position within days. The smut was far less, and the worse that existed was MTV which I did not watch either. Having spent summers doing all types of jobs while funding my own education, mini marts as they are known in the N.E. did sell Playboy but they were in the back of the register and in covered in brown bags; and, those who bought them were ashamed. Not anymore anything goes. I stand by the truth that the 80s morally exceed the last 25 years. Welcome to EZC.



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