Threats to Trump’s Life

While this article is not typical of EZC, I found myself unable to resist addressing the absolute lunacy to which the RNC has now stooped.

You know the establishment is terrified of Trump and delusional for imagining the  American people will tolerate harm befalling him. Below Judge Jeanine gives an astute assessment of what will happen should an unwanted candidate be foisted upon the American people.

The establishment has revealed how desperate they’ve become using Mitt Romney to stand on a stage with a Hinkley Institute as backdrop. He is offended by Trump’s language? How rich, apparently he discerns nothing wrong with a pathologically lying president. Of course the MSM has failed to inquire why he wears a Moslem ring since his days at Harvard. Does it not seem odd no articles from the Harvard Law Review have been released? Guess that is what one is to expect when the natural born citizen clause is ignored. Incidentally, two RNC candidates do not meet that criteria either. Obama, Hillary, Holder, and countless other arrogant men and women in D.C. hate America and want her destroyed. With verifiable treasonous acts, it is a wonder Hillary is not donning a bright orange jumpsuit:

  1. Murder investigations while her husband was governor of Arkansas
  2. Theft of top secret, no doubt incriminating Bill’s administration
  3. Numerous servers at her private residence
  4. Over 3,000 emails, 66 of which were classified
  5. Benghazi
  6. State Dept Secretary; deported two (2) Chinese Uighars to Switzerland in exchange for “political solution” to UBS-tax issue brought by Birkenfeld to Justice Dept. Note: Chinese Uighars were in custody of CENTCOM, therefore false statements may have been made in facilitation of this transfer to CENTCOM (violation of 18 USC §1001, and other laws).1

Far from a complete list, anyone interested in learning more can utilize Google.

I strongly encourage reading SHELL GAME – The Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Edward Snowden’s leaks about Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command. It will rock your world to discover that as far back as 2007, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, then Senator Obama, and Hillary each learned of 19,000 United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) bank accounts that funded terrorism against our troops, allied forces, and innocent victims. Most interesting, is Eric Holder was an attorney for Fulbright and Jaworski the law firm that represented UBS and obtained quite a sweet deal for them. He should have recused himself, but that would require him to be a man of character.

A brief list of those who knew:

  • Kevin Downing
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • Tim Geitner
  • Abdullah Azziz
  • Daniel Benjamin
  • David S. Cohen
  • John O. Brennan
  • Matthew Leavitt
  • Eric Holder
  • Barack Obama
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Senator Carl Levin

These Individuals Know Trump will Investigate

He frightens them, and well they should be afraid of one who can not be bought off by all the lobbyists that have far too much sway with regard to American policy. We elect officials to represent us not become obscenely wealthy through corrupt behavior as though they are above the law despite being mere citizens. Ours is not, nor will it ever be, God willing, a dictatorship despite what G.H. Bush said while laughing. (See YouTube)

Listen to what Judge Jeanine has to say. She predicts the end of the GOP if Trump’s nomination is stolen. Romney calls for a ‘brokered election’ where the nominees will be called by lobbyists, activists, pharmaceutical companies, etc., based on whomever has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump. What a joke Romney is, not that is news of course!


Donald Trump can afford to hire the very best private protection, who may even keep an eye on the Secret Service (an institution I hold in the highest regard) in case of an infiltrator hired to do him harm. Please pray for Donald J. Trump and his family. Sadly, our nation has a history of presidents coming to an untimely demise as have some reporters who sought to return integrity to journalism.

Donald Trump will win this election, irregardless of what the liars manage to cook up in their cauldron that has served well for so long. People have awoken to the reality that unemployment numbers are far higher than reported, inflation is so bad families have to stretch the grocery budget by eating beans, rice, pasta and meatless dishes. Not to mention taking a second or even third job to make ends meet. These jobs were once available for young adults to save for college, back in the good old days when college graduates were not expected to be indentured slaves to the banks.

Parents labored away to send their young people to college only to to be heartbroken that employment in their chosen field is unavailable or overseas. Many parents taught our young people to work hard in school to obtain scholarships, but should that not happen, we will gladly help supplement part-time employment to avoid their being strapped to banks for decades. College is touted as necessary, but what is frequently not conveyed is there are no jobs because most companies have engaged in corporate conversion, which is yet another appealing aspect of the Trump.

Notes: SHELL Game, Synopsis, p. 26


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