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The Lord Jesus Christ IS Returning, Take Heart!

To all suffering this day, never forget the promises that God the Father gave by providing God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ – the perfect, spotless lamb without stain – sacrifice at Calvary – in which He paid for … Continue reading

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Terrorist Strike Airport, Praying for Brussels!

Today, at 7:12 A.M. EST,  I was sitting down to a cup of coffee and breakfast at that moment my husband turned on the television, rarely done, to discover the 28 innocent citizens and/or travelers slaughtered by a terrorists. Three locations … Continue reading

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One Person, One Vote – Speak – Why Protest?

Civility is all but gone in America today, and it has been engineered by all constructs of government, “Fed Education” (unconstitutional), Runaway printing of Monopoly so-called currency, media, eh-hem “entertainment,” all a psy-op. All of it. Having come of age … Continue reading

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