Rejoicing for Pastor Abedini and Family

While this is rather late, my heart is absolutely thrilled that God answered so many millions of prayers of believers around the world and released this precious brother to his wife and children.

I wept like a baby and had such a big smile on my face and joy in my heart that has yet to leave. What a blessing to know these brethren who have endured horrific treatment, and remained faithful to our Lord. Their story is one that inspires hope for the days ahead as evil continues to wax worse and worse and the love toward fellow man has grown colder.

We must continue to pray for all of our brothers and sisters imprisoned for their faith. Sadly, this will eventually come to America and all nations as foretold in the scriptures; but, even in this we may rejoice for our God has already won and no matter what happens to us in the body we know where we go upon death – directly into the presence of Almighty God never to leave again. I pray we witness boldly, fearlessly, and reflect the love of Christ to even those who persecute us. For in so doing, I’m confident many will be (and have been) won to salvation.

The darkness is spreading, but the light of the world shines through us and we must continue to speak the Name of Jesus and proclaim the gospel whether the world likes it or not. (2 Tim 4:2) Our love for the Lord, compassion for the lost must compel us.

God answered the prayers of saints all around the world who faithfully prayed and believed that our brother would be freed. Hallelujah!



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