The Year Ahead 2016, by John Little

I enjoy reading OmegaShock by John Little, and hope you will follow the link below to read the entire article.


The Year Ahead – 2016 Edition

I’ve been making predictions about ‘the year ahead’ for several years now, and I’m often wrong. In fact, I have a dismal record for accuracy.

It’s a good thing that I’m not a prophet.

All that I can do is tell you what I see and tell you the implications. The timing is in the hands of God, and He hasn’t let me know what that timing is. To put it another way…

My predictions WILL HAPPEN.

I just don’t know WHEN they will happen.

The best that I can give you is ‘soon’. However, soon is getting closer and closer, so I’m thinking that 2016 could be the year when it all comes crashing down.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this.

The Year Ahead – 2016 Edition

As I write this, the windows are open, and I’m in my shorts. The weather is great. It’s Taipei, and the weather tomorrow will be even better.

Everything else that I say in this article, you will have to be taken with a grain of salt. My accuracy – in terms of timing – is abysmal. I never said that I was a prophet. The best that I can do is warn you about what I see.

Unfortunately, the events of 2015 were so dire, that we can only assume that last year was a foretaste of what lies before us, this year. So, I want to take you through some of the events that stick in my mind, and tell you what might happen this year.

And yes, I firmly and absolutely believe that 2016 will be worse than 2015.

You can take THAT to the… um …bank, at least while it still stands.


We ended 2015 with the beginning of civil war in Turkey, a civil war started by President Erdogan to make sure that he won enough votes to change the Turkish constitution, so that he could elect himself President-for-Life. That civil war – begun last year – will increase this year.

Please remember that the Kurds are 20% of the Turkish population. Erdogan’s attempt to destroy them will cause them to push back and destroy Turkey. Unfortunately for Erdogan, the Kurds will have help.

The Kurds have been meeting with Putin and Lavrov in Moscow, and Russia has promised to help the Kurds. Ostensibly, it will be to help them in their fight against ISIS, but don’t believe it.

Russia is going to help the Kurds in their attempt to destroy Turkey.

I say bravo for Russia and the Kurds.

I believe that this will also be a fulfillment of that part of Isaiah 19, in which God speaks of Assyria being in confederation with Israel and Egypt. And yes, the Bible says that Israel, Assyria and Egypt will be tightly bound together in a confederation.

Does that blow your mind?

Yep, and it blows mine, too.

Having said that, the above probably won’t be fulfilled in 2016. However, we will see the direction of that fulfillment …in 2016.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD

Of course the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 points directly to terrible times for Egypt and great suffering for the Egyptian people. The tributaries to the the Nile river are being dammed up, and the Nile is going to go dry.

The main dam that will accomplish this feat is being built on the Blue Nile, in Ethiopia. It’s called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, or GERD. It is slated for completion in July, 2017. But, it increasingly appears that this ‘completion date’ is a deliberate lie.

I have noticed that Ethiopia is rushing this dam through and has been deliberately underestimating how much of the dam has been completed. I keep watching and reading what they are saying about the GERD, and they are essentially saying that they’ve only completed between zero and five percent of the dam in one year – while working on it seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year.

Interesting, dontcha’ think?

Furthermore, this dam was supposed to start filling in 2015, so that it’s fill-rate could be slow enough to keep the impact on the Nile as small as possible. But, there’s no indication that this dam has begun to fill, yet. This means that the fill rate is going to be far more rapid when they start filling the water reservoir that this dam is designed for.

The more that they delay, the drier that the Nile will be.

Will it happen in 2016?

I don’t think so, but it will certainly have much of its foundation in 2016.

Please read Isaiah 19, again and again. It’s the future.


Unfortunately for the poor Syrians, Isaiah 19 is entwined with Isaiah 17.

Why do I say that?

Well, Isaiah 17 speaks of the destruction of Damascus from being a city, and…


Sorry to shout like that, but I see a lot of foolishness being thrown about, by foolish teachers.

So, let me help you get this straight:

Damascus has been conquered many times, but was always been quickly repaired and reinhabited.

Is Chicago still a city?

Did it ever STOP being a city?

Even though it burned down in 1871?

Right. The same thing happened to Damascus, but it wasn’t ‘taken away from being a city’. At least, until now.

We are seeing the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, as you read this.

I believe – as the Russians help defeat the rebels in northern Syria – that the rebels will move their focus to Damascus. The Assad government already has had difficulty in getting rid of the rebels in the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus, so I expect that the rebels will enlarge their presence there – when their supply lines to Turkey are finally cut, later this year.

We’ve already seen videos and pictures of how Jobar looks, right now. In 2016, other neighborhoods of Damascus will have the same look.

My question is whether the Assad government falls in 2016. It may never fall, so maybe I should ask whether Damascus falls in 2016. My only answer is:


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