Tragedy of Rejecting the Savior

Understand this is written to reach the many who are trapped in darkness, some know and others do not. Being set free from sin is so wonderful and knowing God as Father brings a peace that does not wane. Note I did not say life is easier, for a war begins at the moment of rebirth because Satan does not mess with those already in his camp as he knows their destiny sealed: eternity in hell. I do not want that for anyone, so please pray and seek God to reveal Himself to you, He will; and, read the Bible often to understand that no matter how it appears He rules this world. He will return soon to judge those who refuse salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tragedy of Rejecting the Savior

Who are you, son of man, (today there are so many) erecting monuments of sand seeking a legacy/name for themselves when the only Name that matters is that of Jesus Christ, for by His Name alone are souls saved. A day yet future shall bring a wake up call for walking the broad path, one filled with anguish and sorrow despite the trinkets the world offers. Having traveled that path myself during youthful folly, according to our culture I had the material possessions society views as success. Nevertheless, I was not happy in prodigal living and am eternally grateful God drew me back unto Himself. He does promise to never lose one that is His.

Christians walk a very narrow path, frequently wrought with trials, betrayal by loved ones and frenemies; but never do we walk alone. The joy of  walking along life’s journey with Jesus through pain and seemingly unbearable loss, until the Prince of Peace carries you, is matchless. This world has nothing to offer of such infinite worth! The prince of darkness offers mere rusty trinkets: fame, riches, and other fleeting things until death. at which point you realize the Lord Jesus Christ is LORD not the deceiver portraying himself as an angel of light – even through those who appear sincere in their salvation be they pastors, deacons or whomever.

So softly spoken itching ears by those seducing spirits whence first you turned aside from the One once so dear. Did you not hear His voice call when first seeking the accolades of man that preceded such a fall? Pride and haughtiness go before a fall, but the world you pandered to and chased after has become master; according to Almighty God eternity in the lake of fire and brimstone is the unavoidable future.

I beg you turn from sin, hell, and death unto the only Begotten Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone can bring salvation through His precious blood shed on behalf of sinners like you, and I, without requiring us to add anything just to come with child-like faith, repent, die to self, live unto Christ and obey His commands.

What a merciful, just, and forgiving God. Why serve the side that’s already lost?



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