THE BLACK AWAKENING, The Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos

This book is at once painful to read, due to all millions of international victims of mind control and SRA/MPD purposefully created by evil people; yet, necessarily must be read. I encourage every Christian to read this book. Scripture admonishes us, “Be sober, and watch: for your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (1 Pe 5:8), but how many of us truly grasp just how deep Satan’s hatred is towards we in Christ? Russ Dizdar refers to it as an ancient hate. After reading his book, I agree.

In The Black Awakening you will read of many encounters with demonized persons who threaten the lives of those who try to help, including Dizdar and other brethren who work with him; but, praise God the Lord Jesus Christ provides supernatural protection! It is important for us to understand our enemy is very real and extremely active today, just look around at the terrible mess this world is in.

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Back Cover: Russ Dizdar – Author, speaker and international radio broadcast. Full bio can be found on

In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon the Chaos will erupt and fear will fly, the BLACK AWAKENING will occur. For those who have served this long cold agenda it has too. For them time is running out. Human blood and satanic rituals have summoned dark powers.

Millions in mind control projects, satanic ritual abuse, and a supernatural transmutation that will soon show its true face …. the face of an ancient hate and deadly evil.


I hope you are ready, it is the end of the age and the time is very close. This book is about the very end and the coming catastrophic collapse of everything. So far we have seen only the surface, the waters are choppy but its underneath the surface where the real danger lurks. The cause of all of this has long been neglected and over looked … or maybe it’s because of a supernatural blinding – deception and seduction.

It’s what’s behind the scenes that are moving nations, economies, militaries, politicians and people. There is a ‘spirit’ breaking through the veil as never before. Many can feel the ominous others have embraced its masked face as something good. Judas did that once and the deception ran circles around him, used him and left him in a field called Akeldama (field of blood). I may not have written well but the message is true, vital and a summons to choose.

I will say in this book that the unprecedented levels of deception and seduction are here and it will only get deeper and darker. The dark side of the supernatural has come through the cracks and its full force is ready to pounce. As you read this book you will see the term ‘chosen ones‘ many times. Let me give you a definition here and now.

Chosen Ones‘ are those so named because they are ‘chosen by satan’ to serve him. Chosen ones are those who have come up through old bloodlined satanic (Luciferianism) groups that are committed to a coming new order and supernatural world leader. These are the many victims of satanic ritual abuse and soul ripping mind control. All of them at this point have been selected, born and raised in this dark system. They have been split and have many sub personalities (multiple personality disorder). Most of those sub personalities have been programmed (mind control) and demonized. They are highly trained and constantly maintained. Chosen ones have many abilities, many powers and a deeply seated agenda. Believe it or not they confess they are the troops of the coming antichrist, which they say are here to unleash hell on earth, in a chaos … such as the world has never seen.

The conspiracy to bring in globalism is here and almost ready to burst into power. This conspiracy was spoken about 3,000 years ago in Psalm 2. It’s revealed that this conspiracy is embedded in world leaders, nations and the masses of people. The goal of globalism is what many are focused on but the goal is only a necessity for the real end game.

That end game is found in Revelation in 19:19. Coming to this world is the largest and most advanced military system in human history. This military goal is evolving and emerging as you read. It will not find its unity, supernatural power and most advanced weapons until after the ‘great revolt’. Chosen ones deep inside have personalities who know all this and are waiting  for the call. Some kind of supernatural wave will come as planned and as needed. It will strike the sleepers in the chosen ones only to awaken ’empowered programmed’ satanic warriors and they will unleash THE BLACK AWAKENING.

PART ONE: ‘A Prophetic Future’ – Draws the reader into horrific events as the chosen ones quite literally cause all hell to break loose in society, as people are betrayed by those they most trusted and never suspected of such horrific evil.

This book exposes exactly how a person’s personality is split and then ‘uploaded’ with whatever the individual doing the evil deed desires; and, then the victim awakens with no memory of the event. Understanding that these people are in the military, police force, government, churches and every other area of society is a troubling reality indeed. In my opinion, the author accomplished what he set out to do – warn all of us.

I could not put the book down, have dog-earred, highlighted and starred many paragraphs. My heart has been moved to become involved and it is my prayer that you will desire the same.




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