Cosmic Chess Match, by L. A. Marzulli

I recommend this book to any who desire to understand more fully Satan, or as Marzulli refers to him The Fallen One.

It has often puzzled me that so many Christians I know are either oblivious as to how deep the hatred of Satan runs toward all who are in Christ Jesus or just believe everything bad that befalls them is just, well, life. Often it seems it does not occur to them that the prince of the power of the air seeks to wreak havoc in the lives of born again believers. Seriously, what’s the point in messing with those who are already in his playground? Of course, that will come later at the Second Coming. 

A few quotes that will hopefully motivate you to read his book:

Underestimating what the Fallen One is capable of doing may be one of the most foolish and dangerous positions that we can take!

Sadly, much of the church today is ignorant of this, or willfully ignores what happened in the book of Job! This story should make it very clear that when the Fallen One goes after someone it is with all the fury of hell that he does so. Why should our day be any different than the time of Job? So many Christians live in a false security that none of what befell Job will ever happen to them, that they are immune from the attacks of the Fallen One.

I once gave a presentation on my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural and at the end a man who was clearly vexed stood up. He stated that God would never give us anything we couldn’t handle. I agreed and pointed him to prophecy that has been handed down to us in order to warn us of what is coming on the earth, so that we will not be deceived in these last days! However, if you don’t know what the prophecy states, if you are ignorant of it and are not informed, you will leave yourself open to deception. Remember, too, that when the Fallen One is kicked out of the second heaven, as we are told will happen during the tribulation period, he becomes furious because he knows his time is short. He is now stuck in our space/ time continuum and with that he has lost his ability to see through time.

To go back to my cornfield analogy: he is standing next to us in the cornfield. He now sees through time the way we do, in a second-by-second linear fashion. He can no longer see into the future; he is blinded to it, for the first time, and this enrages him!

Marzulli, L.A. (2014-12-30). Cosmic Chess Match



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