Storm Warning by John Little Omega Shock

This, as many, is a must read:


Storm Warning


The biggest socio-economic and political storm that the world has ever seen barrels down upon us – yet, almost everything seems to be fine. But, that is how storms behave. There is always a wonderful calm before the storm hits, but that calm will only last for a few more weeks. Already we can see the clouds of this storm on the horizon.

However, this is more than just a ‘storm’. It’s a typhoon, just like the one that is about to hit Taiwan – where I currently live. I pray that God will spare you in the midst of what is coming upon us.

2 thoughts on “Storm Warning by John Little Omega Shock

  1. John,
    I’ve had trouble getting to the Omegashock website here in WNY with roadrunner or a Verizon phone. Is it up or are you being blocked? Is there another way I can see the information?
    You’re been a go-to watchman with a level head and a clear message echoed by the other prophets announcing the coming judgement.
    Thanx brother. May your mansion be one of the easiest to find with it’s beautiful stones built from your reward of sacrifice of self.
    In His service for eternity



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