Unbelivable! CAIR Rep seen with Matt Dillon in DC CAIR speaking out on “Humanitarian” Crisis – Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims


CAIR Rep seen with Actor Matt Dillon at News Conference in DC on so-called ‘Humanitarian’ Crisis Facing Rohingya Muslim Refugees:

Apparently, Dillon is totally ignorant of the facts behind the Burmese Buddhists of Myanmar’s efforts to rid their country of the violence, rape, and terrorism being waged upon them by the illegal alien Rohingya Muslim savages who have been wreaking havoc there for many years.

Someone please send Dillon these links: Muslim threat to Myanmar


By BareNakedIslam Posted in CAIR Nazis

ORIGINAL: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2015/06/13/ignorant-has-been-hollywood-actor-matt-dillon-joins-designated-terrorist-group-cair-in-speaking-out-for-myanmars-rohingya-muslims/

May God open the eyes to the reality that “playing nice” will not stop Musselman obedience to Qur’an and Hadith and the ‘god’ of fortresses. liberals, atheists, agnostics, people of any faith other than Allah-ISIS-Moon-God, because they pant to shed rivers of blood in America as they have been doing globally. (Just a friendly suggestion, turn off the TV and read real news. Once unplugged in 2005 and no longer donning rose-colored glasses how clearer things are!) No, I did not say viewing TV was bad, just believing what you hear on most of the news.

Articles of interest:

¹ http://www.islam-watch.org/ThomasJefferson/Founding_Fathers_Fight_Islam.htm



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