How Stupid Can It Get?

Can’t stop laughing! Thanks, Lee.

Lee Duigon

What would you think if you saw a picture of Stephen Spielberg posing with the animatronic “sick Triceratops” from Jurassic Park? If you’re a normal person, you’d think, “Hey, that’s the sick Triceratops from Jurassic Park, and that’s Stephen Spielberg.”

But what if someone told you it was a “recreational hunter” who had just killed this defenseless animal and was posing with the body?

“No–that’s Stephen Spielberg, and that’s one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

But here’s what you get when stupid liberals, who think they’re smart, see the picture ( ). “Oh, no! He shot the poor defenseless animal! I’ll bet it’s an endangered species! Oh, Save the Planet!”

Some 40,000 ninnies protested on Facebook. To add zest to the report, one of those 40,000 ninnies was academic literary icon Joyce Carol Oates, famous for writing stories that wind up making very little sense but…

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