A Tribute to My Mother

Sounds like she was a wonderful mom. How blessed we were to be told as children God’s Word and how crucial the Lord Jesus Christ is to our lives. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Duigon

My mother, Claire L. Duigon, is no longer here for Mother’s Day.

But I am–and I’m a chip off the old block. My mother had a very strong personality, and she passed it on to me. Consequently, throughout our lives, there were many occasions on which the sparks would fly. That was only because we were so much alike.

Whatever else they did, my mother and father–supported by grandparents, aunts, and uncles–did one thing right, one thing that was truly valuable and necessary, for which I honor them and thank them to this day. My folks saw to it that their children knew God their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ the Son of God, their Savior.

As a young child I thought my mother was way cooler than all the other kids’ mothers. My ma played! Other mothers just sat around and glowered, but my ma played chess, Monopoly, volleyball…

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