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EZC: It has been a while since I’ve shared a post from The Word In Focus, but the picture of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ moved me to tears of joy. Often the beautiful images and articles at this site are worthy reads. A link follows, and I encourage readers to visit often. (There is an option to translate into English)

Behold the Man! (Behold the Man – Selected Quotes)


Pilatus jesus


Behold the Man! (JR Miller)

“Said unto Pilate THEMIS, Behold the man!” John 19: 5

We can not do better than obey Pilate’s word, “Behold the Man!” And fix our eyes gaze upon Jesus in loving as He is led out from the palace and stands before the multitude. On His head He wears the crown of thorns; His bleeding body thrown around is the purple robe – the mock emblem of royalty. He let Called been King of the Jews, and the crude soldiers tried to carry out the farce, as it Appeared to THEM.

“Behold the man!” Behold the man Enduring shame and contempt, as set forth before the people the spectacle of Mockery – in order hurt at last we presented in May in glory, and angels and honored before the Father! Behold the man wearing the crown of thorns – May hurt we wear the crown of glory and of life! Behold The Man in Robe mocking purple – May hurt we wear the white garments of righteousness.Behold the man in the majesty of meekness – REVILED – yet not reviling again; Hated – yet still loving one; Wronged – yet speaking no word resentful.

Should we study the character of our Lord, as manifested amide-the-scenes of terrible harm morning. His sublime patience Shames how miserable our impatience!We fret and vex ourselves with our sickly Discontents over the Smallest discomforts;let us behold the blessed peace of Jesus in the Midst of the sores trials. We fly into cherish bitter resentments and anger, When others Slight us or wrong us in merest trifles; let us behold the sweet spirit of Jesus – loving, gentle, meek and under the greatest cruelties inflicted on any life ever Wrongs.

Behold the man, the God-man, divinity manifested in humanity, and humbling Himself Becoming obedient unto death and shame – He might hurt Save Our Souls.Behold the man – holy, undefiled, separate from sinners – yet bearing upon His own head, as the Lamb of God, the sin of the world. Let us look and Weep, and love and trust, and rejoice.


The King of Kings (JH Jowett) 

John xviii. 28-38.

What a strange King our Lord Appears, claiming sovereignty mystic, and yet betrayed by the false friend!

And yet, even & His Apparent subjection in His majestic stands kingliness Revealed.When I watch the demeanours of Pilate and Jesus, I can see who it is who Clearly very well on the throne; Pilate wears the outer trappings of royalty, but also my Lord’s “The Power and the Glory.” Pilate fusses about in the little “brief authority,” but my Lord stands possessed of a serene dominion. Even Pilate’s Judgment bar at Jesus is the King.

But His kingdom is ” not of this world . “And King Therefore this is unlike every other King. He seeks His possessions not by fighting, but by “lighting”; not by coercion, but by constraint. His Servants do not go forth with swords, but with lamps; not to drive the peoples, but to lead THEM. His throne is visible in the cross, and His conquests are made ​​in the power of sacrifice.

His armaments and so are the Truth, and the Truth alone. ” For this cause came I into the world, bear witness unto Should I hurt the Truth. “When the Truth wins and wooes, the Lasting Triumph too. Garlands won by the sword perish before the evening. To be one of the King’s subjects also to share His nature. “Everyone is hurt of the truth heareth my voice.”

Source / Source: ; and an excerpt from JH Jowett’s “My Daily Meditation”, 1914. Source of illustration: here .Translated by / Translated by: wordwatcherdawn



One thought on “Behold the Man! by The Word In Focus

  1. I see this and am emboldened in the confidence that has caused us to not be able to sit quietly in blasphemous so-called ‘Christian’ church services, for whatever reason. There are things that require taking a stand for Christ. Beautiful picture.



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