Murray: “Eve Had Sex With The Devil, Sired Cain”

This blogger, once a member of the Sherpherd’s Chapel Cult, has written another article worth sharing with any deluded by this so-called preacher:

Murray: “Eve Had Sex With The Devil, Sired Cain”

“When you look for the in-depth meaning of “men as trees, walking”, you are able to see that Christ wants us to understand there are plantings of God and plantings of the devil. The plantings of that wicked one began in the garden of Eden with the conception of Cain and follow down through his progeny, the Kenites.” – Shepherd’s Chapel, Newsletter #195

Shepherd’s Chapel teaching reeks of utter anti-Semitism.

According to Arnold Murray’s perverse theology, the real sin of Adam and Eve in the garden wasn’t the result of their disobeying God and eating fruit. All of that talk about eating fruit was simply a euphemism for something more sinister…

To put it bluntly, Eve didn’t eat fruit – how would that cause the fall of man Murray reasons… no, Eve had sex with the fallen angel Lucifer himself and sired a race of beings known as the Kenites, or the “sons of Cain”. Homosexual relations are implicated to Adam, as he ate the fruit that Eve gave to him.

The old adage “sex sells” definitely applies here as Murray sauces up the text with some much needed raunch to spice his delusions up a little.

Somehow this race of Cain survived the flood and have been involved in every manner of conspiracy to destroy the people of God to this day. This flood issue is no problem as the Kenites and other races are merely animals compared to the Adamites. Murray reasons that the Kenites were on the ark because God said, “bring two of each flesh”.

The Kenites are the “Jews” who say the are “Jews” but are not. Everyone knows that the true Hebrews are the delightsome light skinned British Israelist’s.

Xenophobia abounds in Murray’s teaching and the serpent seed is definitely no exception. The serpent seed premise was also one held by Adolf Hitler himself and inspired him in his efforts to commit genocide.

This is probably one of the easiest lies of the Chapel to refute, yet students of the chapel continue to drink in this hateful bigoted falsehood. It is condemned in and of itself.

The serpent seed doctrine is a core tenet of the Christian Identity Movement.



7 thoughts on “Murray: “Eve Had Sex With The Devil, Sired Cain”

        1. “Dropping them to the canvas, would be easy enough as they are rabid defenders of this man, as well as his son whom is no doubt being groomed to take his place at the helm of that apostate Titanic.



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