A Nation Incapable of Blushing – Consequence of Abandoning God and His Word (Yes, churched folk, this is for you!)

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Quite busy with life it has been a pleasure to focus on family, praise, prayer, study and remain ‘out of the loop’ with regard to the filth considered literature in our day.

Unfortunately, reading of ‘christian’ groups Fifty Shades of Grey and contributing further to the denigration of society by funding the cesspool of Hollywierd which pollutes society, shatters innocence as pornographic evil infiltrates souls with darkness as destructive as black holes in space. Further, women mistakenly think Anastasia Steel’s tolerance of abuse by “Christian” Grey defines what it is to be a man.

“No-Fault Divorce”

Unsurprisingly, given California prides itself being head dog in leading equally gullible countrymen into passing similar legislation, in 1969 approved no-fault divorce which spread like ivy across America. While there is merit to the argument that divorce skyrocketed as a result. It is interesting that the baby boomers serve as legislators, judges, and are veritable cheerleaders for debauchery.

Being part of the yuppy generation, I worked every imaginable job in pursuit of a college education remember when porn magazines were deemed inappropriate and displayed behind the cashier and covered in brown paper. Of course today the magazines on both sides of grocery store checkout lines are more risqué than would have been permitted when I was growing up. Moreover, I recall video stores with walled off rooms in the back of the store which housed adult films and everyone knew all entering were renting one of ‘those’ films.

Renters of adult films entered and speedily exited with head cast downward in attempt to elude being recognized because our society was not yet openly devolved to such debasement. I also remember when companies honored Blue Laws so employees could attend church (when they preached the Word and not their latest golf game) employers honored Christians and invested wisely as we are dedicated employees.

It is increasingly obvious that millions with seared consciences and reprobate minds comprise a large portion of America’s populace including those who attend church (see article below). Alister Crowley’s statement, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” characterizes not only unbelievers but has permeated the church.

The blame should be placed squarely on the inhabitants of pulpits which fail to call sin out, thereby proving themselves whited sepulchres parading about in hypocrisy. So common a statement, “I’m a follower of Christ.” The question to consider is, which one? Certainly, not the Holy, Righteous, Judge of men’s heats God Almighty.

Twerking, Emmy “Entertainers” Astride a Beast

Truly, how far do people imagine they can push God before He completely departs? His glory departed Israel for rampant idolatry, immorality, and whoredom and as He did then He is likewise granting the wish of so many in our country – “God we don’t need you! We know how to entertain, put behinds in pews, and host community events that will draw the lost into our buildings to fill the coffers.” There is no interest, at least by the majority, of digging into Scripture for purposes of edification, maturity and fulfilling the Great Commission.

We expect nothing but vile swill out of Hollywood, but many churched folk are mirror image of the culture and desire to have it so.

People flock to deception as moths to a flame. Purpose Driven Life, Velvet Elvis, Everything Much Change, The Shack, and now Fifty Shades of Grey discussions between women who profess they comprise the Bride that shall be presented spotless to the Bridegroom by the Father. There is coming a day in which many will hear, “Depart from me ye who work iniquity I never knew you ..(Matthew 7:23, 25:41)

I encourage you to read this excellent article:




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