Hi, I’ve missed everyone!

I do not recall if I’ve mentioned that I am now working third shift and it has taken me quite a month to adjust. It is my desire to post articles, and I will try to do so. Pray everyone is prepared to be disciples this year and share our Lord and His Gospel every opportunity that our Father presents us with.

There is no formula – every soul that is reborn is to walk in the Light of Christ and share the gospel message. Sometimes it is through a soft witness, i.e. at work being diligent, responsible and lending an empathetic ear to those whom we know are hurting. Offering to pray with them. Caring about their loved ones that may be ill. Expressing our own struggles that as believers we do not walk a primrose path and we are FAR from perfect.

There is a dichotomy I believe – the image the world projects upon those of us reborn in the Lord Jesus Christ, namely that we are sinless, perfect and untroubled by the world. Alas, some of us walk about as though we breathe different air but this is nothing more than putting on a mask, which our Lord defines as hypocrisy. May it not be with us! Let those around us know of our weaknesses, when we relate to them as they are walking a difficult journey. It has been my experience that only when we let down our guard and share something we have endured and not only survived but thrived that others begin to see the appeal of the gospel and the Lord of it.

If we appear “perfect” and “aloof” that does nothing but lend the enemy ammunition to drive hurt, searching souls further from the truth. There is nothing more comely than a saved individual being willing to be vulnerable and show how the Lord Jesus is our strength and that through all of life’s difficulties His love never falters, He is always closer than a brother and a true friend to those who seek Him.

Hope all of you are having a blessed beginning to this year of our Lord 2015. Gosh, time sure does fly! God bless each of you.



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