Reflection for the coming year:

Doubts by Brittain Duckworth

My thoughts:

A listener of the Hagmann and Hagmann show, linked on this blog, discovered this song which encapsulates the gof SO many Americans who believe we are living in a twilight zone as Deliberate Communists (D.C.) deluded enough into selling ridiculous lies that the economy is booming, jobs are up (yeah P/T no benefits, seasonal) — ooooh, get ready now we’re not in an economic depression which exponentially surpasses the so-called “Great Depression” also a manufactured crisis.

The T.V. bobbleheads can not believe anything they say, despite reading from a script, and should be unable to even look at their own reflection in the mirror! Shame, shame, shame! God is in control, and if we pray perhaps He may yet stay His judgment granting us longer to boldly proclaim the Gospel unabashedly, courageously and without fear WE ARE NOT GIVEN A SPIRIT OF FEAR. Stop acting as slaves unto men – we are NOT menpleasers WE are about God’s business and that requires:

  1. Being prayed up
  2. Don the Armor of God
  3. KNOW the Lord Jesus Christ is our Banner He is LORD of Hosts! NO power on earth or hell has a chance against the Body of Christ who knows Whose they are, Whom they serve, and labor for HIS glory (not their own).
  4. Yes, are willing to be martyred rather than bow to men! (Are you?)


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