PRAY for Pastor Saeed Abedini REMAINS in Iranian Evin Prison

In the following video, his two young children plead with Obama to bring their daddy home. Saeed Abedini has dual citizenship, and brought supplies to Iran and has been rotting away in a prison for years. Meanwhile, four Guantanamo Bay TERRORISTS are released and sent to Uruguay. AND one prison is released from Cuba (where citizens are forbidden to fish despite being surrounded by water and must starve due to the insecurity of the psycho-Castro’s little boy fears that the citizens may attempt to flee the nation) H-E-L-L-O who in their right mind wouldn’t?!!!!

ABSOLUTELY VILE to lift embargoes on a horrific, tyrannical regime (‘regime’ now utilized to describe this administration, hmmm….) but DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to bring an AMERICAN citizen home freeing him from unwarranted, abusive imprisonment which includes torture, denial of medical treatment by physician, forbidden visits with his wife, etc.

The following video is by Pastor Abedini’s young children:

Pastor Saeed was arrested while building a government-sanctioned orphanage, the following series of videos are excellent and I implore readers to share this with as many Christians as possible. We are to weep when our brethren weep and suffer with them as if we ourselves were in chains!

Be Heard Project! has compiled a series of videos imploring the release of our brother Saeed :

Kevin Max:

Jon Foreman:

Quick look at how Saeed’s story has impacted people:

Pastor Saeeed’s Wife, Naghmeh, gives an emotional update (2013)


Two Iranian women convey the horrors of Iranian Evin Prison (Hallelujah! Rather than be released, these sisters refused to deny faith in our Lord Jesus Christ:



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