Osteen’s Blather Factory

Well said.

Lee Duigon

Joel Osteen buttresses his false teaching with “stories” that supposedly prove his point.

Here’s one cited by Hank Hanegraaff in The Osteenification of American Christianity. He has taken it from a book by Osteen, Become a Better You–which sounds like a parody, but it isn’t.

In this yarn, Osteen tells of “an interesting study done in 1993 by the United States military… Researchers extracted some white blood cells from a volunteer and they carefully paced them in a test tube. They then put a probe from a lie-detector machine down in that test tube, to measure the person’s emotional response. Next, they instructed this same volunteer to go to a couple of doors down and watch some violent scenes from an old war movie on television. When this man watched the scenes, even though the blood that was being tested as in another room, when he got all uptight…

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