We’ve Gone Insane – It’s Time to Escape the Asylum – by John Little, OmegaShock

We’ve Gone Insane

– It’s Time to Escape the Asylum –

I see crazy people.

Lots and lots of crazy people.

Thankfully, if you are reading this, you are probably not one of them. However, you are probably stuck in the midst of a country full of crazy people, and I wish that it wasn’t so.

One of the things that I have learned about dealing with crazy people, is that you can’t change them. Only God can do that. And, when God says that He ISN’T going to cure the insanity… well …it’s time to look elsewhere for what God wants you to do.

Worse, when you spend too much time with crazy people, their insanity rubs off on you. So, I highly recommend that you escape the asylum, while the crazy people are still willing to let you out.


We’ve Gone Insane – It’s Time to Escape the Asylum

Living abroad can really help clear your head of cultural foolishness. Of course, you run the risk of picking up OTHER cultural foolishness, but at least you have a clearer view of what your own culture IS.

Well, when I limped back to the US after 14 years in Israel, I returned a country that had left sanity behind. It was 2006, and the moral decline of America had gone into free-fall.

Then God brought a wonderful woman into my life, and I dragged this lovely woman back to Israel, and then on to Taiwan.

And, as I look back at the country of my birth, I find it hard to believe how insane we have become.

Are we so different from everyone else that you and I are the only ones to see it?

Of course…

There are none so blind as those who will not see.John Heywood

America is blind by choice, which makes the US a dangerous place for those who choose to see.

That thought was brought home to me with astonishing clarity when I went to Steve Quayle’s website and looked through the links that he had put up on Sunday. If you can get through what I’m about to show you below, without screaming… well …you are a better man or woman than I am.

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/A0Gkzm7O0ew

Have you started screaming yet?


Okay, here’s more.

Alex Jones – Ebola

Ebola Rolls Out Exactly As Predicted

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/vDBQuvxPoqk

I was pacing the floor and yelling in outrage, by the time that was over. My poor wife had to ask her gorilla-of-a-husband to go back to his desk and calm down.

(I think that I need a banana.)

A Third Filovirus Outbreak

By the way, you’ll also see this link on Steve Quayle’s site:

Deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda

Marburg is in the same family of filoviruses as Ebola. And, it’s a very small family.

This will mark the THIRD hemorrhagic filovirus outbreak.

What is the statistical probability of three such viruses breaking out naturally, at the same time?

If you need a hint, the word starts with a Z.

Steve Quayle Alert

Oh, for another hint, here’s this from Steve’s Alert Section:

After analyzing the Ebola RNA sequence, it is apparent that this RNA sequenced gene has a high level of recombination sequences that have been PLACED between several gene sequences.

It is my interpretation that this virus has gone through no less than 33 recombination events, with markers indicative of laboratory splicing, leaving ‘sticky ends’ that provide for recombination with foreign RNA.

You can find the rest of that alert, here:


This Is A Planned Event

Of course, that’s an unconfirmed report, and I try to be careful with such things. But, I include it here because it rings true to me – which means that…

…this is a planned event.

However, you’ve probably figured this out. And, if you haven’t, you know of various ‘planned events’ in the past. Satan is the father of such things, and managing your perception of reality is his favorite lie of all.

So, my greatest upset doesn’t center on the fact that this was planned. No, my greatest upset is over the fact that my fellow Americans have swallowed the insanity of it – whole.

Exit The Insane Collective

If we hand an ounce of sanity in our collective consciousness, we would have demanded that the US issue a complete, global quarantine of anyone and everyone leaving sub-Saharan Africa. But, we DON’T have an ounce of sanity in our collective consciousness, so it’s time to exit the collective.

Seriously. It’s exit time.

Within The US

Now, it’s possible to ‘exit the collective’ in the area where you are. But, that would mean getting to as remote a location as possible and building a community of people who aren’t insane.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much time left to build such communities of sanity, and there aren’t very many sane people left to build them with. But, if you are determined to stay in the US, I recommend getting started on your ‘community building’ project – NOW.

Good luck with that.

Leaving The US

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I struggle to believe that too many such communities will be successful. However, if the Lord directs you to do such a thing, you must follow what the Lord tells you.

For the rest of you…

…exiting the insane collective means leaving the US.

Some of you have already written me about your plans to do so, and those messages are wonderful to read. It really eases my mind to know that brothers and sisters in Christ have taken steps to get out of harm’s way – as well as serving the Lord as they do it.

But, Only If You Serve God

Please understand that I am NOT interested in helping you prolong a comfortable, self-absorbed life. Our job is to serve the Lord, and I want you to survive what is coming, so that you can do that.

If you aren’t interested in serving the Lord… please go back to your television, your career, your Facebook friends and your megachurch. I can’t help you, and I’m not interested in doing so.

Where To Go

The big question is:

Where do you go?

I’m glad that you asked that, and I hope to be talking about relocation over the next few days – Lord willing. But, don’t wait for me to write about this. Start thinking about it now.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


Here are a couple more links to go to, that I didn’t find space in my article:





If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment on the website. Your input is truly welcome.


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About ezekielcountdown

Committed to helping others discover the Lord Jesus Christ, revealed throughout both OT and NT. All saints are called to be Ambassadors of the gospel, may my labor herein result in God drawing others unto His Son that such may rejoice in the forgiveness, liberty, and peace granted by the Good Shepherd. Applied study of scripture blossoms into maturity, spiritual discernment, and replication of ourselves that new disciples go forth and proclaim the Good News! EZC shall challenge any ministers of Satan whose purpose is to attack the infallibility of Holy Writ querying, "Hath God truly said?" hoping to ensnare the immature. We must remain focused on whom the enemy is - wicked spiritual principalities sowing seeds of deception - our enemy is NOT the lost but the spirit behind their false ideologies and isms. Study the Bible praying God the Holy Spirit equip and teach you, for He has promised to do so (Jhn 16:13). Beloved brethren, until united in glory, Sola Deo Gloria!
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2 Responses to We’ve Gone Insane – It’s Time to Escape the Asylum – by John Little, OmegaShock

  1. Tammy Noel Smith says:

    When I first watched beheadings in Mosul and the news of rapes and slaughterhouses for Christians in Iraq and Syria,I began to panic.Sleepless nights,walking around during the day in a daze,while my children were waiting for me to teach them[I homeschool].Then after I began to settle down a little,all the news started up about Ebola,the Cartel coming in and what they do to people[supposedly worse than ISIS]….I did what I should have been doing all along…..Open my Bible and read and read and read through all the stories the LORD created throughout history,to show me He is for me,will protect me and cover me.It doesn’t mean I will not die by a microscopic bug or a sword or live through hell on earth,but that He will equip me with all peace if I sit still in His presence.My favorite word has always been SOVEREIGNTY .One word….so powerful.


    • Tammy, I completely agree God is Sovereign over every area of our lives. This information is provided for anyone who is considering expating. Our family has often discussed the truth that were a terrible event to happen and it was not the period at the end of the sentence of life that God has been writing for His glory we will be just fine. Prince of Peace is a beloved title as in His shelter we are truly able to be still, at rest and know blissful peace. One thing John Little repeats constantly is to always check what he says and remain in constant study of the scripture which is the only source of inerrant Truth. Blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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