Matt Chandler in Strange Fire: Had a personal prophecy given to him


Matt Chandler In Strange Fire: had a personal prophecy given to him, appears on TBN for second and third time

January 23, 2014

Apprising Ministries noted last week:…onight-on-tbn/

Here they are on January 17, 2014 (appearance #2, this one is on their “Praise the Lord” show. Ed Stetzer, president of Lifeway Books, is the HOST of this show. Chandler talks yet again about his brain cancer.

SEE VIDEO:…17dp-cz0DnziYW

Interestingly Chandler omits the personal prophecy from his friend about this “journey” and how God was going to use it to “circumcise” him and make him “the father of many sons”. Moreover, he presumed upon God that God wanted him healed; he would tell people that he was going to be healed (while on earth). “Pray, expect and believe that God will heal” us is what he says God commands us to do. Accept that is not accurate. Pray and submit to His sovereign will, whatever it is, not knowing His will for the length of our lives, is what James says for us to do. Quite a different thing than what Chandler is promoting. By the way, Chandler’s view is very much a foundational Charismatic view.

[Lloyd]Unger begins his commentary by sharing in bold a classic argument used by those appearing with heretical teachers; or in this particular case, sharing a platform with them.

I’d say, if you change Dr. Brown to Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer, and Priscilla Shirer, and then Benny Hinn to the haven of heretics known as TBN, his words are still applicable.
For you see, the Praise the Lord program is the very heart and soul of TBN aka the Trinity Blasphemy Network :

1. Why shouldn’t I reach his audience with gospel truth for five days, even if it means some people will be upset with me?
– Well, because if Benny Hinn is a false teacher, and there’s no doubt about that:…
[Continue here:…onight-on-tbn/ ]

Well this is at least his third appearance on the blasphemous network. He and his wife were there on Dec. 5, 2013 hawking his book on Philippians.

SEE VIDEO:…FGD-UWyDW9C0mt      [EZC: Updated 12/4/2015, video taken down]

Chandler begins by saying a friend prophecied over him that God was going to take them through “a bit of a journey”, just prior to his brain cancer (time mark 2:30). Apparently his friend said “The Lord has told me” (that is always a RED FLAG) that God was going to “circumcise” Chandler and through that make him the father many sons (time mark 4:04). So he’s like a new Abraham? That is so typically Charismatic too—using OT verses meant for specific people (namely Jewish prophets) and apply them to professing Christians. They have no clue how to rightly handle the Sword whatsoever.

That prophecy is what he put his faith in while going through chemo, according to his own account. Not in Scripture ALONE–that inconvenient truth of the 5 Solas he claims (or used to claim) to believe in as a Reformer.

What nonsense. That prophecy was nothing more than a good guess (all Christians go through hard times) or a psychic readings and wholly unbiblical. God doesn’t give personal words of upcoming trials. Rather He just gives them to us when He sees fit. Our comfort comes from the Scriptures through the Holy Spirit, not some personal message of “The Lord told me” stuff.

And now Matt Chandler will be speaking at the mystical Linger Conference in a few weeks. He’s really getting into the Strange Fire now.


Not everyone is healed this side of eternity! It so frustrates me this false, albeit profitable, message is incessantly claimed. Our Lord suffered, He told us in this life we would have tribulation (Jhn 16:33), and Romans 1:1-5 also makes this clear.


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