Update: The Assassination of Michael Hastings

UPDATE: The Assassination Of Michael Hastings & Its Nexus To Obama’s Bonafides/Passport: The Fingerprints of CIA Chief John Brennan…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This site evinces ZERO tolerance for any substance abuse, be it alcohol or drugs. Dedicated readers herein – family, friends and colleagues know this to be the case – certainly realize this is not an overstatement. Admittedly, this address may appear, at times, rigid in its (core) views, but so be it. No apologies on this end. Unnecessary. Yet, why is this even being mentioned with the world on fire, and with this blogger’s immediate neighborhood in the cross hairs too? Really now, why should anyone give a damn about the above? 

Well, in as much as Syria/Iran is a trigger-shot away from exploding the entire Mid East (possibly beyond…and this is despite the Pyromaniac-in-Chief’s waffling/posturing); and those who are DIRECTLY involved in leading the (heretofore) free world are nothing less than an Islamist-in-Chief, in lock-step with his CIA counterpart, John Brennan (a Muslim convert); connecting as many dots as possible is one’s patriotic duty, at least if one wants to be taken seriously as a geo-political blogger/investigative journalist.

Back to the substance abuse. There have been assertions that Hastings had a trace amount of drugs in his system, when his car exploded into a fireball, thus, as a result, ‘investigation closed’. NOT so fast. Reportedly, he used to abuse drugs, about 14 years prior to his death and was indulging once again, approximately a month before he died. And, dear readers, this is hardly the ‘smoking gun’, being that the medical examiner said that the drugs found in his system were negligible and didn’t impair his driving! So, let us take said (mitigating) factor off the table and explore forward. It’s an obligation to find out the truth, wherever it lands. 

Moreover, this blog would be the FIRST to recognize that substance abuse may have been a key contributing factor to his death. However, rational/truthful folks know that one size doesn’t fit all, and it has been medically determined that the drugs in his system was not a factor. Not only that, but the cumulative evidence is more than compelling: Michael Hastings death was a targeted hit.

Back to Barack HUSSEIN Obama…and his rattling skeletons – and the way in which his (Islamist) CIA Director ties into them. Folks, this is where the action, the core of the investigation, is at. Key to unraveling Hastings gory death is their intermingling, not only relative to his assasination, but also to the wild fires in the Mid East. Nevertheless, let’s stick to one fireball at a time.

Talk about creepy skeletons… but their main heavy duty and criminal intersection came in the run up to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s quest for the White House, back in 2008. How many recall the ‘mysterious’ rifling of passport(s) by employees at the State Department, one of whom later turned up dead? Yet, how many also knew that he was a contract worker for Stanley Inc, a computer-related firm specializing in passports ! and headed up by Brennan? Quite a coincidence. Now, if one wants a juicy piece of leverage/blackmail to hold onto, and at the same time work as a ‘sanitizer’, the possibilities are endless – spook-like. You think? If not, you just got to place yourself into the mindset of high level criminal ‘strategists’, and so much falls in line. Think of a highly complicated jigsaw puzzle. Go out of the (mental) box.

FURTHER: http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/09/01/update-the-assassination-of-michael-hastings-its-nexus-to-obamas-bonafidespassport-the-fingerprints-of-cia-chief-john-brennan-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/


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