The Generous QUR’AN, An accurate, modern English translation of the Qur’an. Usama Dakdok

The Generous QUR’AN An accurate, modern English translation of the Qur’an, Islam’s holiest book


(Back Cover)

With Arabic as my first language, yet traveling and speaking in the English world, I sought for years to find an accurate English translation of The Generous Qur’an. Many translations have been created in order to “sugar-coat” the Qur’an and to soften its real message. Even though Muslim clerics have issued a fatwa (a death decree for any person who tries to translate the Qur’an), four years ago I felt compelled to translate the Qur’an accurately into English. With the great help of many friends and scholars who have given of their time and effort, this translation has been completed.  As we examine every word and every sentence with the magnifying lens of truth, the reader will discover that the Qur’an contain little more than repetitive legends, contradictions, and corrupted selections that have been borrowed from the Bible.

Many ask the question: “Why do Muslims terrorize and hate Jews, Christians, and others?” The true answer has been suppressed by Muslim leaders and by some in the media. Many believe that terrorists are just extremists or Islamic fascists, but a simple reading will reveal that the Qur’an itself is the source of terror. Islam is continually tauted as “a religion of peace,” yet the Qur’an itself does not call for peace. Indeed, “Islam” does not mean “peace,” but rather “submission.” Western Muslims only speak of “peace” because they do not know what the Qur’an truly says, or they do not presently have “the upper hand.” Listen to what the Qur’an itself commands and consider it well:

“So do not be weak and do not call for peace when you have the upper hand. And Allah is with you, and he will not leave from you [for] your work.”

(The Generous Qur’an 47:35)

Satan has power over Mohammed and caused him to forget some verses.

68And when you see those who engage in our verses, so withdraw from them until they engage in another speech. And about what Satan causes you to forget, so do not sit with the unjust people for recollection. 69And those who fear are not responsible to reckon them for anything but to be a reminder, perhaps they may fear. 70And leave those who make their religion a sport and a pastime, and whom the world’s life has deceived. And remind them by it that a soul will perish because of what it earned, it does not have a friend or intercessor other than Allah. And that, if it ransomed with every ransom, it will not be taken from it. Those who perish because of what they earned, they will have a drink of hamem and painful torment because they were infidels. 71Say, “Will we call rather than Allah who can neither benefit us nor harm us, and will we turn our heels after that Allah has guided us?” Like someone whom the satans have bewildered on the earth, wandering. He has companions who call him to the guidance: “Come to us.” Say, “Surely guidance is of Allah, he is the guidance, and we were commanded to surrender to the lord of the worlds. 72And that you perform the prayer and fear him. And he is the one to whom you will be gathered.” 73And he is who created the heavens and the earth, in the truth and on the day he says, “Be,” so it will be. His word is the truth and to him the kingdom. On the day the trumpet is blown, the knower of the unseen and seen, and he is wise, the aware.[1]

Muslims are commanded to engage in war against the infidels until Islam remains as the only religion.

39And engage in war with them until there will not be sedition and the religion will be completely to Allah. So, if they cease, so surely Allah sees what they do. 40And if they turn away, so know that Allah is your lord. Excellent is the lord, and excellent is the helper [who gives you victory].[2]

“Verses taken from THE GENEROUS QUR’AN, Copyright 2009. Used by permission of Usama Dakdok Publishing, LLC”


[1] p. 82
[2] p. 108


To understand what the Qur’an actually says, this is a must read. Three years ago I had the privilege of meeting my Christian brother Usama Dakdok he is a captivating speaker seeking to bring truth to those in Islam. His radio program can be heard on, and The Straight Way of Grace is listed on my blogroll.



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