Cindy Jacobs, a Prophetess to the Nations or a N.A.R. Wolf?

Pastrix Cindy Jacobs, The New Reformation Prayer Network, a self-proclaimed prophetess whose website claims:

“God Knows” is ‘a unique prophetic program with the vision to reach the world with the message that God knows all things.

  • Offered is The Prophetic and Evangelism 1 & 2: “Don’t let bad news get you down. In the midst of disturbing events occurring all around us, find out some good news about growing evangelism efforts around the world.”

– YOUR hopes, YOUR fears (this is where in the scripture?)

In the first video, Cindy states, “God Knows is a show that we talk about how the prophetic word unleashes supernatural things, gives direction and wisdom.” … “You know a lot of people are prophesying around the different Malaysia, America, Argentina about another great awakening coming; some of them are already in awakening nations.”

“Woman wakes up from a coma, and is healed” … “People are getting out of wheelchairs” … “The blind are seeing in Germany, praise the Lord” … Cindy asks Stephan if he witnessed any miracles during this time. He replies, “We were in Africa and the rain was really strong, and we prayed and then the rain stopped.”

Cindy next addresses her other guest, “A God day, a Global Outreach Day, what is that?” The conversation continues and Cindy states, “When God gives you a word, He gives you favor. Supernatural favor.” Later, “When my faith fails, then Mike’s like yeah let’s quit, but then I’m up here. Prophetic teams are really great.” [1]

“Prophecy,” “Healing,” … Warning! Should someone approach you and say, “I have a word from God for you,” a smart reply? “If God wants to reveal something to me from His Word, He has no need of a intermediary.” Smile then walk away. The challenge I pose to all claiming to be “healers,” go to the Oncology, Pediatric, CICU, ICU and Trauma units of hospitals and walk the hallways healing the helpless among us. Of course that won’t happen because results could be measurable not subjective.

Does Cindy Jacobs Hear Voices?

Yes, but not Todd Bentley’s angel “Emma,” hers is ‘Gabriel’, she writes:

In 1999, I was in the city of Barcelona, Spain, with my friend Julie Anderson. After an excellent dinner in that beautiful city, we retired for the night. Around three a.m., I was awakened by a voice, “Wake up! I want to talk with you! I am Gabriel and I am here to give you a message from God.” I did not see him; nonetheless, I had no doubt that he was who he said he was.

The next thing I knew, I was having a vision of mounting and riding a huge chestnut horse and my friend Julie was mounting and riding a white stallion. She was part of a vast army of women. As the Lord showed me country after country, I saw thousands of women on horseback behind me to march across the earth. In the vision, I was wearing armor and carried a sword. Gabriel told me that the women in the vision comprised a great company of women who would march across the planet, preaching the gospel, doing miracles, and transforming the nations.

These women were to be a Deborah Company and I was to help find them and release them. This is much like what we read in Psalm 68:11. In fact, many translations do not clearly denote that the Hebrew word used for ‘company’ in this verse is both feminine and plural—thus, a great company of women.

Since that day God has helped me as I have endeavored to do just what the heavenly vision mandated. The Lord has shown me that there are women, both young and old, who will change the nations of the earth through following the call of God on their lives.[2]

At the bottom of the site, a link: “The Women’s Manifesto of Biblical Rights“[3]


No mention of the Lord Jesus Christ, but ‘the Lord’ and ‘God’, like many church statements of faith it is vague and leaves one wondering which lord/god. No focus on the Lord who is Sovereign over the church and the biblical offices of His church in which men are pastors and women may teach but are not to have authority over men.

Cindy Jacobs says “I could not see him but I had no doubt that he was who he said he was“. Really? It should have occurred to her that she was having an encounter with a demon since the canonical text closed with the book of Revelation. This is extra-biblical “revelation.” As to Jacobs being astride a chestnut (copperish red) horse and her friend riding a white horse there is undeniable resemblance to Revelation 6 – just bizarre.

So many problems with this … The Lord Jesus Christ rides a white horse when returning at the Glorious Appearing as a Lion to Judge the wicked of this world. Later in the post she claims Psalm 68:11 references an army of women, which just does not line up with scripture as Hebrew men went to war, not women. The focus on women is troubling because there is no biblical support of what Jacobs teaches.

If prophetic change was going to occur during the “40 Days Over DC” which promised to “bring our nation back to the original intent of our founders” so “our leaders can lead as they should.” Must have ‘heard’ God incorrectly! America teeters on a moral abyss, faces a financial sinkhole, and is headed for a most consequential election.

Mike and Cindy Jacobs have hosted 40 Days Over DC:


I’d stay far away from Mike and Cindy Jacobs and generals. God speaks to us through the Bible, there are no visitations by angels, or encounters with an audible voice of God issuing directives to present day “profits”.






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