Mormonism, Satanism Repackaged …

We will take a look inside Mormonism, and are most grateful that YouTube offers videos presented by former Mormons who have been set free from this bondage by the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

Confronting demonic doctrine whether within what today passes for evangelical Christianity, or false religious ideology of various sects is unpopular because well-known personalities (presidential or media) pose as victims portraying us as “haters” merely for denying all roads lead to heaven. 

Mormonism’s founder claimed to see both God and Jesus, contrary to Scripture. Moreover, Smith claimed to see an angel Moroni from whom he received the Book of Mormon, just as Mohammed claimed to receive the Qur’an. Anyone see the connection? The Bible warns of this possibility (Gal 1:7-8, 2 Cor 11:14).

All we were previously children of darkness rescued by God through repentance of sin and rebirth in the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in Holy Writ, it is unconscionable to not share the Gospel with those who are deceived! My heart is to see people come unto faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to have people question what they believe and whether it is of heaven or hell, of the Living Word or merely a cheap Xerox of the authentic by the devil.

This video mentions Joseph Smith wearing a talisman, the Jupiter Stone … not Christianity.

Mormon’s are Satanic, it’s true

LDS Mormon Cult, Pt 2

The True Origins of Mormonism, Pt 1 (Book of Mormon)

The True Origins of Mormonism, Pt 2 (Masonic Influence)

The True Origins of Mormonism, Pt 3 (The Occult Connection)

Kabballah Tree of Life and the Mormon Temple eerily similar. Gnostic, Masonic undergarments …. not Christianity.

Below is a three part series in which Joshua Williamson interviews two Mormon elders (missionaries) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Some snippets of part 1: Joseph Smith saw god … Levi, about 500 years before Christ was born, Jerusalem was goig to be destroyed so Levi was told to leave and take his family with him. So they boarded a ship and set sail for the Americas so the’re the descendants of Jews.

No historical, archaeological evidence presented just a claim of Joseph Smith.

Mormonism Exposed, Pt 1:

A few quotes from part 2: “Revelations from god to Joseph Smith … they are scripture” … “Pearl of Great Price is about The Book of Moses and the Book of Abraham and these dead sea scrolls came into the possession of Joseph Smith.”  When asked if these were those found in the 40s in Israel, the response? “Probably different ones then, other scrolls that they had around at that time …”  “Hell is a state of mind”

What!? Joseph Smith died in 1844, and the Dead Sea papyrus scrolls and scroll fragments were discovered in the years spanning 1947 and 1960, 103 years later at sites along the Dead Sea in Israel. Take a listen:

Mormonism Exposed, Pt 2

A few snippets from part 3: “If we don’t repent of our sins, God will get that justice from us; but if we have the faith in Jesus Christ.” Williamson interjects, How does God get the justice from us? (Recall in part 2 “Hell is a state of mind”) “I guess we have to suffer in our own way after this life.” Williamson, “Would that be a form of hell?” “It is a form of hell.” When asked, “Can we get out or is it for eternity?” The reply? “I don’t know.”  Sadly, this a frequent response. Listen:

Mormonism Exposed, Pt 3

Williamson says, “We’ve got two Jesus’, which means one of us is wrong. If the Bible can show that the Jesus that the Latter Day Saints look at is wrong, would you guys change from the LDS movement and recant of it?” “No. Even if the Bible can prove it’s wrong. There are many, many different translations.” Williamson queried, you guys use the King James Bible, correct?” “Yes.” Williamson states, “The King James says what I’m talking about.” How very tragic, listen:

As to the Book of Abraham (BOA) …

Mormonism disproved in less than 3 minutes:

Over the past several months when loading a video at YouTube there has consistently been a “My name is ____ and I’m a Mormon.” The reverse, ex-mormons speaking out:

Why I Left the Mormon Church:

This young woman continues pointing out Joseph Smith is a false prophet based on Deuteronomy 18:20-22. These will be helpful to Mormons who are familiar with such “prophecies” and rightfully wonder why none have come to pass. She and her husband have been born again by the Lord Jesus Christ!

False Prophesies of Joseph Smith, Part 2 (of 5)

It is most heartbreaking that Mormons often do not verify what they are taught for fear of being shunned, thus they remain and turn a blind eye to those who do research and discover Joseph Smith was an occultist, Freemason, plagiarist and liar. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed each one of His own with the Holy Spirit Who guides us into all truth (Jn 16:13). What a blessing to know He protects us from error.

Resources for those who want to discuss with others their doubts and fellowship with those shunned by everyone they ever knew for leaving this cult, below are a few sites that may be helpful. (compares with Biblical Christianity)


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