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Activist Judge: “Do Not Spank”

Parents in the U.S. must take notice of a dangerous trend in American jurisprudence: surreptitious application of the UN CRC. Doubtful? Read the CRC for yourself, here’s a taste: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 37(a): … Continue reading

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North America’s Largest Muslim Gathering to be Held

Thanks to our friends over at Discern the Time (blogroll) for the following which is interesting given the 6/26 call of some to ignore the exclusivity of Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ over salvation to embrace chrislam! North America’s … Continue reading

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Chrislam …

The jury is yet out as to whether Bible-adherent Christians will walk out the door should their church/denomination engage in such blasphemy. “Isa” is not the Lord Jesus Christ, despite “America’s pastor” repeatedly aligning himself with the enemies of YHVH. … Continue reading

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