Persecution, Pray: Christians in Iraq

Open Doors USA: Carl Moeller

Two Sunday’s ago, as faithful Christian believers gathered at church in Baghdad to worship, Al-Qaeda attacked.

They took about 120 worshipers hostage, beat and killed three priests, and detonated explosives moments before Iraqi security forces stormed the church in a rescue attempt. At least 64 people, mostly worshipers – including a 3-year-oldwere massacred and an estimated 300 wounded.

I know your heart aches with mine at this horror. And what makes it even more shocking is that, due to the reelection focus, the American media has barely reported this persecution of Christians! [But if it were Moslems – “Islamophobia” – would be the cry…]*

Unfortunately, it’s not over. Al-Qaeda’s Iraq splinter group, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) who was responsible for this attack just issued this statement:

All Christians centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahadeen wherever they can be reached.

This is a chilling warning, and I would urge you today to please pray not only for those who were wounded, but for the many  more Christians around the region who are being targeted. At such a time as this, Secret Believers desperately needed help; here’s how you can come alongside them.


Abba, lifting up our brothers and sisters to your Throne suffering persecution for their testimony of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ in Iraq and China. Comfort the hurting, as only you can, Good Shepherd carry them and grant them peace that life is but a blink and eternity lasts for ever! Precious Lord, the Word foretold of days in which men would become increasingly evil and lovers of self rather than lovers of neighbors or God and rejecting the truth have their foolish hearts darkened. This is spreading the world over, Abba! Abba! Pleading with you for souls to come unto the kingdom before it is too late that they might know the Name above every other, Jesus Christ, it is He who opens the eyes to sin, the reality of hell and that each human being, prior to salvation, deserves to burn therein. We praise you, Ancient of Days for countless souls in Arab lands coming to salvation! In Jesus Name, Amen.



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