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No Natural Affection … Human Life Has No Value

This week we heard of the bodies of 8 newborns being found in the yard of a home in France. While upsetting, is it really surprising? The world has legislated babies to a position of being unworthy of life, referring … Continue reading

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Baylor U: Preparing for Further Pursuit of Eastern Mysticism?

When selecting an institution of higher learning for our Christian children, we must exercise increasing vigilance to guard against “higher-learning” that will undermine the years of sound doctrine we have labored to sow into their hearts. College professors have a … Continue reading

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Arnold Murray, False Prophet

Despite all the warnings our Lord issued regarding the climate of these last days – apostasy, heretics, doctrines of demons and silly people panting after anyone who will scratch itching ears – today many who profess Christ appear oblivious as … Continue reading

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